Bucket List

Sometimes, while I’m walking or doing things during the day, I sometimes wonder if I died right then and there, would I be happy? Is there still more to life? And I realize, yes, there is. There are still some things I want to do before I die. So here I write that list so I might not forget it.

1. See the Aurora Borealis in person.

2. Go to Sweden or Norway for 24-hours of Day and 24-hours of Night. (Obviously, this would mean going to these places twice. That’s okay by me.)

3. Watch a lunar and solar eclipse at a really beautiful place (hopefully a beach in Hawaii or in the Asia Pacific)

4. Buy an outfit from Express or a normal sized store that fits me.

5. Take a nice walk in the snow with a close friend while drunk. 

6. Go to England and buy something Burberry. (Pathetic, right? Eh, I’m not very adventurous)

7 . Go north to Canada and see Polar bears in the wild.

8. Meet a celebrity.  I saw Leonardo Dicaprio when at Times Square, Seoul, for the premiere of Django Unchained. Wow…

9. Go on a business trip abroad for my company (coming here to Korea doesn’t count. It means going somewhere other than the country I work at)

10. Open my own plus-sized fashion company. (I’m always unhappy with the selection of clothing that is in stores. But if I can make it myself…)

11. Have a book with my name on the cover.

12. Go to Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and France.



So far, that’s it, but that’s okay. I will add more later. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

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