Hi everyone!

My name is MK and this blog is about my life here in Seoul, S. Korea. No, I’m not married to a Korean, and no, I’m not an English teacher (anymore. Previously, I taught adults).

This blog will describe my daily journeys and happenings as experienced by someone not ignorant of the language and culture. I’ve been here at least 6 years so I know my way around.

This blog was created mostly for the purpose of informing my friends back home of what I do here and how I’m doing. But it has become my way of sharing my experiences and feelings with others about life, myself, things that I’m interested, and how to make life easier for those also living in Korea if they need help.
Regardless of the reason of your visit, please do enjoy!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Jihyun Park

    I was just browsing through the internet and I wonder if you have ever taught in Kyungpook National University in Daegu. Have you? Because I think I took your class a few years ago….

    • Hi there! I have actually never even been to Daegu, so unfortunately, I was not the person who taught you. But I don’t even think you would need to take my class since you’re English is so good…

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