My Trip Home Update/Rant

I’ve been a little MIA for a bit. I apologize for that. I had a trip to the US for my brother’s wedding and I was preparing for it a week before that and I was busy with work in general. So I should probably update you on the trip.

The reason for this trip was my brother’s wedding. I’ve known that I’d have to go on this trip since last year. I was half looking forward to it and half dreading it. As the time for departure approached, people became more and more needy, asking for this and that from the States for them to buy. This was quite annoying since it was people I barely talk to except for now and then. So this made wanting to go much less.

Finally the time to leave came and it was uneventful and quick. However, the flight was not and I was exhausted. I ended up being jetlagged for most of the trip. That was not fun. As soon as I got off the plane, I got a Pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks since that is what everyone keeps raving about. Pumpkin this, pumpkin that. So I finally got one. I was also sporting stoner red eyes due to lack of sleep and exhaustion and could barely communicate with the barista as she kept asking questions on how I’d like my latte. It was a bit too much to listen to English first thing off this flight. And then I realized this Pumpkin Latte sucked. But I had to drink it. So I drank it.
And that set the precedent for the trip. There were some good things about the trip. Mostly, hanging with my sister, hanging with my great friends (thank you, Emily!), and my doggy. I missed them so much. It makes the flight back so much harder. I did some shopping but as much as I had done, I ended up pretty bare when it came down to packing. I was sad/proud of this. Especially since last time I ended up paying $700 in extra baggage. So being under is quite a feat. And being under by atleast 15 is also a sizable accomplishment.
One of the fun things I did on this trip was go to the Valley Forge Casino with my Dad and Uncle. It was weird because while sons may take their sons to strip clubs to be men, what do Dads do with their daughters? Mother certainly don’t take their daughters many places, other than the gyno. So my dad decided that on our day together, we would go to the Casino together. And it was nice. My dad and I are quite similar gamblers. AKA, not very. But we enjoy the atmosphere. My dad and I ended up winning about $50 each. Which is fine, because we didn’t spend much anyway. My uncle, on the other hand, is quite the gambler and ended up losing about $200. We even ended up leaving him there because he said the night was still young and he had some more time for gambling left. So Dad and I went home. Overall, I enjoyed the experience. I’m glad I went there. I ended up learning a bit about my dad and uncle that night and how fun family can be. I enjoy their optimism and realize I get the optimism from my uncle but the realism from my dad. I think it’s a healthy combination.
And now onto the wedding. The wedding was a small affair, only 20 people or so. But it was quite nice. My sister-in-law’s family came but I wasn’t very impressed with them. It was hard to watch as they just sat their, looking unimpressed, while some people couldn’t even make it to the wedding, though they wanted to go. See, my parents weren’t invited to this wedding. My brother has been distant from them for years now for various reasons. And my brother went about not inviting them the passive aggressive way and just never said anything to them. Sent save-the-date’s but no formal invitation. I’m not sure why. So after that, my parents asked my sister and I about the details of the wedding. We didn’t know much since my brother didn’t feel like communicating with us either. My dad is the kind of person to just get really quiet and walk away when angry/upset/emotional. He doesn’t talk to people about it. My mother is the opposite and gets childish and throws tantrums and tries to tell anyone she can about how she feels until she gets what she wants. So my mother kept hounding us while we were home and trying to make us feel horrible about going. She kept saying that this isn’t normal and that she should be invited. Family should be invited and go to these sort of events. We tried telling her that we are trying to go to be some semblence of a normal family and that we have no control over the invitation list. But she fails to see this. But the wedding was overall quite nice. It was beautiful weather in New Hope, PA and the backdrop was perfect. Everything ran smoothly and the wedding was fun. So at least the wedding was fun.
I just hated being around my mother. She constantly had something snarky to say about everything. I try to joke with her and she gets offended. I try to pay for meals and she gets annoyed and sees it as her incapable of paying for anything. But then she will tell me the cost of every single thing she has to pay for as if she wants us to contribute to the bills. And when I invite her out to go shopping for the day, she says “I’d rather you help me clean the house.” Yes. Because I flew 6,000 miles to clean the house…. In the end, I didn’t have to clean the house. But because she wanted it that way, not just because of me. But then later she complained that nobody helped her clean a room. And with her being ultra-conservative and me being ultra-liberal, we just don’t agree on anything. I can’t even talk to her about anything because she always has the opposite opinion and she has the only correct opinion. She loves to play the victim too. I slept at her house while I was there to make her happy. Occassionally, I did come home late. But many nights, I was there and she was just sitting on the computer, doing something or other. And if we ever say anything, she tells us to come to the kitchen and sit with her. Except there is nothing to do because there is nothing in the kitchen except a table. We have no TV or cable in the house, and we have no heat, so when my sister and I come home, we stay in our beds to keep warm. And we have to clean our rooms or play on our phones. So my mom stayed on the computer while I just sat on my bed doing nothing. Then she complained she wanted us home with her. She said she wants us to live with her forever. So I can’t buy into her tears she gives me when I leave, saying that we abandon her.
I know this isn’t much of an update. This is more of a rant of a crappy trip. But there’s not much to say. Well, actually, there’s plenty but I’ll leave that for another blog post. One good thing about being home? Meeting the mason’s chimney sweeping companion who is soooooooo cute. I would love to get his number. Too bad I didn’t. Oh well. I’ll go over more things in depth perhaps tomorrow. For now, here is my update.

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