The Picky Eater’s Support Group

As most of my friends and family know, I’m a picky eater. Heaven forbid I eat some vegetables or seafood. The world truly might end. At least, some days it feels that way. And while I’m still a picky eater, I have relaxed my pickiness a lot more these days. I have to in order to survive here in Korea.

Some people deny the existence of picky eating as a mental illness similar to bulemia or anorexia. They feel we are just overgrown children who have not yet learned to “suck it up and eat what you’re given”. But it’s more than just being picky, there’s a whole other level to it. These psychological issues with food are the worst. With alcohol or drugs, you put the person through rehab and therapy for them to give it up. People can stay away from it for years and years. But food? Not the same. You need this to survive. If you don’t eat, you do. Some picky eaters are so frustrated with the problem that they pray for just pills or IVs to be invented so they can avoid the food problem all together. They even pray that they wish they never had to eat again. So it’s a lot more work to try and cope with this problem since you can’t avoid it but are absolutely frustrated and angry with yourself, others, and the food itself. It’s like the whole depression problem. Just smile and be happy! Life isn’t that bad! Right? No, you asshole, it’s not that simple. If only it were.

Anyway, for picky eater’s there is a Facebook community as a support group. People can discuss research studies, news articles they’ve found, let off steam about episodes that annoy them or frustrated them, etc. And they need this outlet as no one else will listen to them. Many of their family and friends don’t understand. So it’s a good thing. But sometimes, I feel like the group is filled with too much negativity. And some of the reactions are just too extreme. I, for example, don’t care if my friends say “Let’s go to the sushi place!” because I don’t mind. The point of the meeting is to just speak with them, not really eat. So I’m happy just being there with them. But some people in this group go nuts. It’s a bit crazy. It’s getting to the point that I don’t feel like it helps me. The medical articles are very interesting and help bring awareness to the foods I eat and how I should try to find healthier alternatives. But sometimes I think these group just feed the negativity. I know it’s a release for the ever-present negativity in their lives but it’s counterproductive at times.

So sometimes I feel like I don’t belong in this group. And I consider leaving the group. But sometimes I’m grateful for the articles, the words of encouragement, the advice. But I just wish people would relax a bit more. But a hungry woman can get very scary. That is a known fact. So I understand. But negativity is negativity. I’m trying to eliminate as much as I can from my life. It gets harder and harder these days. I hope it gets easier soon.

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