Beauty Haul: DCL AHA Oily Skin Solution 8

If you’ve known me, you’ve also known I’ve been struggling with acne since I first hit puberty. Although it was not as bad as some of those you’ve seen on Youtube, I found it to be quite embarrassing. Always some sort of pimple on my cheek or forehead, etc. I would always have a bunch simultaneously popping out and it would drive me crazy. It also doesn’t help that if you are tired or malnourished, you will break out even more. I was quite tired during the last few years of my life, always running off of 5 hours of sleep or so a night. You think you can survive and you do. But you don’t realize how bad you become or home much of an affect sleep really has on you until you actually sleep. Well, since I’ve been sleeping much more lately, weight is down AND acne is down. 

And as any of my close friends know, I’ve taken to higher-end face products for my skincare routine. And that does help. But I have found one product that truly gave me the real difference I needed. Although I used higher end products, they helped but I still broke up. But after using this puppy, breakouts were almost completely eliminated.

My life saver

My life saver

So somewhere on the internet I was reading about acne care and someone mentioned the use of AHA as an acne treatment. AHA is a chemical-type exfoliator for the skin. There’s AHA and BHA (Salicylic Acid, actually). So most acne-sufferers are used to BHA, or SA, in their products. However, you will most likely see it written as BHA in wrinkle treatment products. AHA is also used in these products too, however, these days, people are noticing that it is also a good acne treatment as well.


I’ve used Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid, but they say that if you use BP for too long, it becomes harder and harder for the zit to go away. That’s not good. So I’ve moved to Tea Tree Oil, a more holistic alternative but still, sometimes, it isn’t enough. So I needed something else. When I was out one day in Gangnam for work, I ran across this line at Boons, a 신세계-owned company that sells foreign brands of facial products that other stores don’t usually carry. I saw this, as well as their Skin Refreshener, and I decided to look into it online. There is a whole step system, similar to murad and other brands, but you increase your level of AHA from 8 to 15 to 20, since your skin can get used to it. And then they have a whole range of other products. So I decided to go back and buy it. I will never regret that decision. My skin cleared up so well within the first few weeks (less than a month) and I rarely break out now. I have one or two, especially since it’s the summer and I am greasing up like a pig. But it’s wonderful. After 6-8 (one bottle, basically), you’re supposed to move up to the next level, AHA Revitalizing Gel 15. I tried this for 2 weeks and started breaking out again. I think it’s a bit too strong for my skin. So I bought the AHA Solution 8 again and it worked just fine. 

So for anyone who is oily skinned and wants to try a product to get rid of their acne, I highly recommend this series. Now if you are dry skinned, I recommend the La Roche Posay. It’s a French brand and I hear positive things about it. But I can’t vouch for it since I’m as greasy as a bacon pan. 


Oh! Quick tip! Do you find yourself breaking out around your mouth, even though you wash like crazy? Have you ever tried checking out your lip balms/lipsticks? These babies harbor lots of bacteria and I tend to breakout quite a bit around my mouth if I don’t clean them frequently. Remember, they are moist and so they are great places for bacteria to grow. Even concealer pots, such as MAC’s concealer pot. So go to the pharmacy and pick up some alcohol swabs and then use one swab per product. Clean them every week to every month, depending on usage. It really makes a difference! 


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