Beauty Haul: Bio Oil

If you are a human being, like myself, you have one point in time come across stretch marks on your body. Possibly even skin discoloration and other skin pigmentation problems. Ahh, the joys of being human. Well, we all suffer from these problems, so it’s hard not to notice it. And we shouldn’t be too embarrassed because we have all had these kinds of problems. I have some discoloration on my body as well as stretch marks. Even skinny people have stretch marks. It’s normal.

So I was on the other day, looking for something to do other than my actual work. I came across a review for Bio-Oil. I didn’t really pay too much attention to it because it reminded me of how at almost every Olive Young in Korea, they are ALWAYS trying to sell this product on people. It’s always near the registers or on a special display in the front. I had never really heard about it so I didn’t pay much attention, except it’s hard not to notice all these Coral-colored displays and bottles everywhere.

But suddenly, I got curious. Why are so many damn people talking about this stupid thing? So I started to do some research and it supposedly contains this amazing ingredient called Purcellin Oil or something that is supposed to alter the signs of aging, help skin discoloration and even get rid of acne scarring as well as other scars. It’s supposed to be a miracle product. However, I think I read somewhere it also contains Mineral Oil, which causes many people to break out. So this is one reason I don’t put this on my face.



I bought it and started putting it on my body. The directions state you should apply this to your skin twice a day for a minimum of three months. Yeah, that’s right. THREE MONTHS. Many products say they produce results in just a couple weeks (usually 4-6), I can understand two or three weeks. That’s about the same time as normal cell turnover. But three months? Hmmm. I guess it’s because that’s a couple cell turnover cycles? Not sure. Anyway, I started last night and will continue with this to see. As of today, a little less than a week into using it, I feel a bit of improvement in the condition of th spots where I’m putting it. They feel softer and they look less… red and ever so slightly less discolored. But that could be my own imagination wanting to see results. So who knows. I also haven’t had any rashes or breakouts as a result of it. I’m grateful for that.

The scent is a bit of a cinnamon scent. I like it. Some people might not and it’s understandable. It smells slightly sweet. Not bad. And it is an oil, so it goes on like an oil. But it’s like a body oil. It isn’t very greasy and absorbs within 5-10 minutes, I would say. Or quicker. So that’s always very good. It works best on fresher scars as opposed to older scars. But it says it can still help those older scars. So we shall see. I will post an update in a couple of months letting you know my progress with this miracle oil. I should take pictures of before and afters but I’m a bit embarrassed. Let’s hope you will just believe me, OK?

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