The Story of My Life

As I was scanning my Facebook feed that is filled with announcements of weddings, births, and other life events of people I never talk to or haven’t spoken to since high school, I stumbled upon one person’s engagement announcement. It took me by surprise because I feel like at this time last year, she was single and struggling. I only thought of this because I sometimes read her blog. I’ve met this girl only a few times. We’re not close and she’s more of an acquiantance than friends but in a way, I look up to her for a multitude of reasons.

She lives in Japan and moved there after graduating college a few years ago. She was first an English teacher and then was able to get a job outside of teaching through her connections and Japanese speaking ability. Sound familiar much? So when she writes, I know how she feels because I’m in the same boat. Only her boat seems to be going much farther. It’s going where I would love it to. Where I would dream of. But we are also in two different countries and it’s different lives that we lead. 

But it’s not just her story that captures my interest, it’s the way she sets up the blog. It truly is a story. As if she is writing a book of her life. It’s not some random posting here and there. It’s elegantly worded and it makes me feel like I’m reading a book without reading an actual book. I envy her use of the English language. She deserves every good that happens to her. And I realized, I should really reflect on my writing style. I would love to write a novel but then this is her writing style. I lack some depth and details in my writing. But I used to have this style of writing, when I was much younger, in middle school. Where did it go? How did my writing wither to nothing? What happened? But I have to find my writing style again. To learn knew words. Using only simple English won’t cut it much longer for me. And picking up a bit more Korean wouldn’t hurt either. 

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