Old men updated with a hero

So I usually don’t post in the middle of the week unless it’s a simple thing because they take a while to type. But the fact that this happened makes it reason enough and I think my friends at home would get a kick.

So we all know how old men like me. Really like. I swear, I know I say I feel like an old lady at heart, but this is ridiculous now.

Anyway, there is a list of ridiculous repeat offenders:

  1. The one Maintenance Man (he’s been better lately…)
  2. Swimming Class/Zara man (there’s a story on why he is Zara man. At a swimming party, he came over to sit with my group and drunkenly kept boasting about how his jersey knit blazer was bought from Zara. He kept trying to take it off but I kept telling him to promptly put it back on. Thankfully he refrained from removing any other pieces of clothing.)
  3. And crazy Dentist/Church man from my apartment.

I’ve talked about some of them in my previous post. Anyway, so last night, I’m on my way home from work and just about home.I suddenly got a text and it was from Zara man. Just, out of the blue. He has called me before, but now texting? Anyway, he was asking me if I was on my way home. I told him I was. He asked me if I was going to swim class last night and of course I do. Then he asked to make sure I was going to the monthly swimming party, especially for drinks. I told him I was. He was so awkward and quickly ceased conversation. He is no problem because if problems exist, I talk to the swimming manager and case is solved. But I don’t want to make things awkward at the swimming class since it’s a closeknit atmosphere. But he isn’t that bad. Just awkward. I always make sure to tell him no for meeting him outside of swimming parties. It’s fine.

But now, let me talk about this guy, the dentist/church guy. So before, he just made simple awkward conversation and held my hand on the escalator. That was as crazy as it gets. Well, he’s gone up in crazy. So I left two minutes later than usual and who do I meet in the elevator? Him. But there are other people in the elevator so nobody says anything other than the two old men talking. We get out of the elevator and leave. I put headphones in and listen to music and I hear a “Hello!” but ignore it. But then I get a tap on the shoulder and it’s crazy dentist guy. I try to be obvious about my not wanting to talk but he doesn’t get clues. He follows me to the subway like before and rides the escalator next to me. I go down a step, he goes down a step too to be next to me. Pisses me off. He tries making conversation like “Oh, what are you listening to?” “K-Pop” “Oh, how nice! And it’s nice you can speak Korean.” I keep trying to dismiss him but he doesn’t get it. So then his conversation goes like this:

Guy: “We should get some tea together sometime.”

Me: “Ehh, if I have time…” (that’s code for  no in any language. Ask any women…)

Guy: “Or how about going on a date?”

Me: “Definitely not.”

Guy: “No? Why not? Do you have a boyfriend?” (I told him last time I did, that it was a Korean one. Any smart single girl knows to say yes to this question, always.)

Me: “Yes, I do. That’s why I can’t.”

Guy: “Hey, it’s okay. Just do it without him knowing.”

Me: “Definitely not.”

Guy: “Are you two lovers?”

Me: “Yes, of course.”

Guy: “Do you two sleep together?”

At this point, I’ve had it.

Me: “Sir, aren’t you saying something inappropriate?”

Guy: “Soowwwy…”

I stop talking to this guy and don’t even bother with him anymore, but he keeps following and taking the escalator next to me. I go to work and tell my coworkers about this. They suggest I tell our Legal dept guy, I’ll call him K.W. (who I also had a date with last Friday but that’s another story…), about this too take care of it. It’s better if a man takes care of it. They say he should act as my boyfriend to the guy. So I tell K.W. and he says he is happy to help and talk to him. He texts me back later with what he said. He said that he told the guy me and him are planning to get married next year and that while he may be an esteemed dentist in the area, if he doesn’t pull his shit together, he will sue him.

Can I tell you how happy I was after hearing that? I just wanted a jealous boyfriend. This was better. I knew I could trust him. And K.W. told me that if anything happened again, to just let him know and he’d help me. I feel much better now. And now I really hope I go on another date with him~~

So I will update after the swimming party this Friday and my movie date with another guy on Sunday… Maybe…

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