Valentine’s Day Week!

Happy belated Valentine’s Day all!

This week has been pretty busy but not. It’s been a good week. Actually, it’s been a strange week. My boss announced last Friday that he was quitting Wednesday due to health reasons. His health has been pretty sucky lately so it makes sense. So as a result, we get to eat very well this week. Have a team lunch twice and Valentine’s Day always involves good food. So I will put up some of the food and restaurants we went to.


1st restaurant is called Mad for Garlic. I went to the 예술의 전당점, which is by the Performing Arts Center in Nambu Terminal.

Like the name suggests, this restaurant bathes everything in garlic. Quite literally I think. We order an appetizer, a pizza and 3 pasta dishes to share.

ImageThis is called Garlic Snowing Pizza. It has pan-fried & deep fried garlic, pineapple slices, shrimp, and grated parmesan cheese. Yes, you did hear that correctly. Craziness. I took off half of that nonsense and just left the garlic. It was very good.



This is called Dracula Killer, our appetizer. It’s smaller pieces of a baguette and those are cloves of garlic oven baked in oil with parmesan cheese over it.  So you put the garlic, oil, and cheese inside the baguette (there are slits). Very garlicky but very good.

ImageHere are our three pasta dishes, the Arrabiata, Carbonara, and Garlicpeno. The Garlicpeno is actually very spicy due to the type of peppers they use but it’s all extremely good.

I like going to this restaurant. The food is always very good but it’s all very expensive. This all ended up being over $100 so, just remember that when you go. This was lunch Monday.


Let me show you Wednesday’s Lunch. It was Chinese food at a restaurant called Hao Chai. 

ImageThis is the 깐풍기 (Gganpunggi) that we ordered. It’s a kind of Chicken in a spicy lemon sauce. VERY GOOD. I highly recommend it. 



Here is the Soy Bean Noodles and Spicy Seafood Noodles that we ordered. It was all very good. But I think I’m allergic to those BlackBean Noodles because they gave me a headache and stomachache. But overall, a really good lunch. 

I also got some candy from my coworkers for Valentine’s Day.



In Korea, on Valentine’s Day, the men get chocolate from girls. The girls get candy on March 14th, White Day. So the fact that I got anything was quite nice. I’m very thankful. I gave out some candy to some people. For Valentine’s Day, I went out for dinner and drinks with a coworker. I figured I would give a single man a date for Valentine’s Day, especially an interesting one with a foreigner. I hope he enjoyed it. I drank him under the table though. Oops. I hope I didn’t make a fool of myself. I hope we get to go out together again and become closer. I had a lot of fun. So I’m looking forward to next month’s White Day or my birthday. 

Enjoy your week all!





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