Just an update

It has been a few weeks since I’ve posted and I apologize. Been busy and I’ve been trying to write about my trip to see a musical from a few weeks ago and I keep getting side-tracked at work. I would write it now but I saved the thing on my work computer (don’t ask) and don’t want to rewrite the whole thing. So I’ll just write a simple update for all who actually read this thing.


Life has been boring and busy. It’s very routine, which can be monotonous after a while but it’s good for me. I like routine. I go to work and then leave at exactly 6:00 (sorry coworkers! side note: In Korean culture, nobody usually leaves at exactly closing time because it is seen as a bad worker.  Usually they leave around at least 6:30-7:00. But my boss understands that I’m not Korean and that I do work until 6:00 and then throw my stuff together to leave. He doesn’t take this personally or as a bad worker because as long as I get my work done, he’s happy, right? Right.) After that, I run home, pick up any deliveries from the creepy building maintenance man and then get ready for swimming class. I go to class around 7:30 and then get home around 9:30ish. I then do something for 30 minutes, then get ready for bed at around 10 and then sleep at 11. Not too much free time. But I do do other things like meet friends on the weekdays when they want.

Some of the things I’ve been doing when I skip class? Eating. Hahaha. Usually it’s eating. Wanna see one thing? ImageThis is pizza from the pizza place next door, Pizza Heaven (피자헤븐). The place’s pizza is cheap and delicious. I highly recommend foreigners to go there if they don’t have access to 59쌀pizza or Pizza School, where they are much much cheaper. They don’t have them around here so I eat this. On Friday night, two girls from swimming class came over and we ate this and talked. I really love my swimming class friends. I’ll talk about swimming class a bit more in another post.


This is from one of my favorite restaurants called Cheer/Cheer or 치르치르. This is called 치르치르미치르. It’s carbonara pasta over chicken tenders. It’s awesome. And they have these fries that are amazing. They are served with sour cream sauce but it tastes awesome. Doesn’t doubt it, just order. It’s good. So that’s just some of what I eat. I should put up more food porn later.

Anyway, life is like that. Eat, hang out with friends, and just enjoy life.

Oh! I thought I should tell you. So, you remember how I posted about old men liking to hold my hand? One of the men was a guy from swimming class, who I didn’t mind too much. I’m polite to him and try to humor him since he is a longstanding member at the YMCA and I don’t want to be rude to elders. He’s nice and tries to boast about how awesome he is. It’s quite amusing, really. 

Anyway, I finished swim class on Friday and I had just showered and started getting dressed. Well, I saw one missed call but it was a number I didn’t know so I messaged asking who it was. They called me back and when I pick it up, it’s that guy. He asked me out to dinner. When I told him I had plans with the girls from swim class (see pizza above, yum), he asked about this weekend. I told him I had plans and he sounded a bit sad and wanted to meet “sometime” (I say that in quotes because anyone that has met a Korean knows that time references aren’t literal or actually used properly. It’s like saying “I literally died”. They’re just matters of politeness in Korea. Even if you have no intention of ever meeting someone, you say “Let’s meet up soon!” Ticks me off when I think people I like really wanna hang out with me but just leave me hanging. So I use it now too.). I was quite flattered but I had to decline. The age gap is at least 20 years. I think 5-6 is about as far as I could go. He’s at a different life stage than me. He probably has children my age. No can do. I’ll just meet him at the swimming class monthly party and go from there. It’s these funny little things during my week that make me smile. 

Also, I’d like to say, for my friends at home, since you are so curious about what cosmetics I buy and how I use them, I will be posting make up hauls when I get them and my thoughts of them. And it will probably showcase my horrible shopping addiction but I don’t care. Shopping in Korea is an important part of life for everyone here. I haven’t gotten to home shopping but I’ve mastered internet shopping. That’s the last step. But anyway, I’ll show you guys. That’s it for now. I think I’ll give you the first makeup haul today as well. 



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3 thoughts on “Just an update

  1. Kelly

    I read all your posts 😀 love you!!

  2. I love that your boss let’s you do your thing, that way you can actually go out and have fun. Otherwise you would have no funny stories to share 🙂 Also, just because you’re at work past closing time, doesn’t mean you’re actually working, just saying.

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