Beauty Haul: Clarins Lotus Oil Treatment

So, I’ve been looking for something for oily skin that’s moisturizing and improves skin condition. I don’t want to be dried out or excessively oily but somewhere in the dewy range. Is that even possible? So, I’ve been looking at serums and such to restore my faces condition due to my acne and the scars left behind. One product I did come across was Clarins Lotus Oil. I’ve heard of the benefits of the oil cleansing treatment. I tried it but I kept breaking out. Either my ratios were off, which is entirely likely, or due to a lot of stress, it just couldn’t help. So I might give it a shot in a few months but if my current products are okay, why bother changing it. My skin is improving ever so slowly.

Anyway, the Clarins thing. I had looked up reviews for it and it had gotten a lot of really good reviews. Basically, Clarin’s treatment oil line has three different ones depending on your face type, oily/combination, dry, or normal. So I went for the Lotus one, the oily/combination type. A lot of people’s acne had improved as a result, they said. I’m interested in this claim so I decided to check it out. It costs about $50 in the states. $52 from clarins site or $50 from Sephora. So I looked at, a major department store here, and they were selling it for 55,000won, which is about $52. You can’t beat it. They also say it comes with samples. I like samples. So I bought it. I was a bit reserved about the price but people say you only need a tiny amount and that it could easily last a year. I was skeptical.


So here is the final product. It is actually pretty big. The glass is not that thick so it is filled with product very well. This is 30ml or 1.0 fl.oz. (Korea uses ml so it’s confusing but I’m learning). And they said it comes with samples.

Image Wow! These guys don’t disappoint! Koreans love samples so if you can, just buy the product with samples. It’s worth it. So now I have lots of wrinkle cream and moisturizers. Many people think people in their 20s don’t need wrinkle creams but it doesn’t hurt to use them. It just helps prevent them from forming for longer so don’t think you don’t need them. That’s why I use Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair. I have noticed a different and I feel better so definitely use it if you can.

The reviewers were right when they said you don’t need a lot when you use it. You only need two or three drops, not the whole amount in the tube. And then you rub it into your face. Well, not rub but pat it in, it says but you can rub it in too. It takes about 5 minutes for my skin to absorb it but afterwards, I’m not horribly greasy. I have that refreshed feeling afterwards. That dewy effect. When I wake up, I’m not as greasy as I usually am. I usually sweat in my sleep so I wake up pretty greasy. You will be greasy the first few days, they say, until your face gets used to the oil and then won’t produce as much. Which is usually true since that happened to me when I did the Oil cleansing treatment. So I shall wait. I’m trying to get rid of this dryness and redness on my nose so I hope something works soon. I might try the Mushroom serum from Origins again but that made me bleed last time. But then it went away. Now it’s back. I gotta figure out a way to get rid of it.

So far, I like the oil. It smells very nice and I feel like my skin is more moisturized than just my Clinique moisturizer. I use that in the day but use the oil at night only. It says it’s for night only. So I will see how that goes. I recommend you guys to give it a try too and see how it goes. I will update you in a few weeks on how it’s doing.

 Update: (Apr. 11, 2014 – 2 months later) I still love this oil. My skin doesn’t absorb this as quickly anymore. I guess because my skin is more moisturized? I apply this to my skin about an hour before bed and it is still pretty much on there, though of course a little less. It’s not filmy, just noticabley oily. But, I don’t mind it. It’s a treatment, not a moisturizer. And when I wake up, It has absorbed it all (or it’s on my pill, I’m not sure so I should wash that sucker more often.) But I still like the effects. I would buy this again. I think it has improved the quality of my face enough to become a staple of my long evening ritual.

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2 thoughts on “Beauty Haul: Clarins Lotus Oil Treatment

  1. Kelly

    Thanks MK! I may try it after I am done with my treatment with my dermatologist. Emily must have told you we bought a ton of makeup as per your advice. I have been using them and am slowly getting a hang of it. It is a start! Thanks for the tips!

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