Merry Christmas

Another Christmas is rolling around and the atmosphere is much different this time around. Last year’s was pretty crappy, I must say. I think it was due to having such high expectations but not having anything like such come true. The first few months of this year were horrible, some of the worst in my life. So looking back, I’ve come a long way from that this year. Having a quiet, peaceful christmas at home alone and possibly the same for New Year’s. It’s not a bad thing. Sometimes boring is better. Certainly better than drama, correct?

There hasn’t been anything special going on lately. My company is coming up with a new book to put out. My partner and I have been working hard to come up with new layouts and so we presented the boss with our layouts at the meeting but he was unimpressed. My partner, quite frustrated but still ever so sweetly, made the mistake of asking the boss, “Well, if you could make a version of it, then we would know what you want.” Oh, he flipped. Sent his drink flying a bit and went on a rant about how he shouldn’t have to do it himself and that we should be able to do it ourselves. In the end, my partner got pulled from the project and the boss told me I have to submit some more layouts plus a revision to my current layout.

So that was last Wednesday and the next meeting was Monday. Let me tell you, I was so worried about that meeting. It was quite hectic those two days because I had to pull whatever I could out of a hat for him. And I didn’t have any time Monday since I had filming that day beginning in the morning. So I came up with some layouts and in the end, he was pleased and he liked them! And we finally decided on a layout. Finally! So now I just have to create some samples to show what it would look like and I think we got ourselves a book. That’s always exciting.

Last night was my company party and we held it at my place. It was quite fun. We had lots of food and drinks and the atmosphere was just really fun. Our boss got drunk and started pole dancing with my refrigerator so that was quite interesting. I should’ve recorded that. But I would definitely have another party like that again. Some of my coworkers sometimes get annoyed at my boss and take him very seriously but I really don’t. I know he has his moments but overall, he isn’t a bad guy. He is just sensitive and at times, strange. But he’s an old Korean man. They are all like that. So I try to remember the good times and not worry about his ridiculousness too much. Otherwise, it’s not worth it. Stressing won’t help me at this point so I try not to. It’s just better that. Despite how hard it can be.

Well, I hope to report back next time with some more interesting and better news. Merry Christmas!

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