Suspended Coffees and “Paying for the Future”

This is a link to a Korean article I found. It’s about a program going on in a local neighborhood that has a Suspended Coffee-like program, something that is currently a big trend at home in the States.
When I first heard about this in America, I thought it was a really great idea. I know people like to also do the Pay-It-Forward idea by prepaying for the person behind them’s meal. I never knew how that worked but I was always jealous. It’s just such a generous act. Especially these days when people don’t always have a lot of money to spare so the fact that they are willing to spend what precious money they have is touching.

Now in Korea, people are jumping on this trend and doing it. It might be slow at first, but it is a step in the right direction. I’m surprised and elated by this because, after living here for so long, I’ve noticed that Koreans don’t always seem to care about each other, even though they supposedly have this “national 정 (jung)”. Jung is the idea of affection or attachment to something. So this feeling that connects people and brings them together. But people don’t really stop to help each other. They have lived in a “Me-first” type of mindset for so long, it is so hard to break this habit. So the fact that they are starting this truly shows a step towards fixing this mentality. I long for the day when Koreans truly love and want to help one another genuinely. This is not saying many people don’t want to but in general, from what I’ve seen, this is the case.

I know I will participate in this as soon as I have a chance. I don’t always believe in buying someone else’s coffee but maybe buying someone else’s meal. A meal is more necessary, while coffee is simply a luxury. But any little bit helps, especially to those who don’t have much. If it means they can enjoy a simple luxury after only being able to pay for the necessary, than I am happy to help them. We all deserve those.

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