Going the extra mile and it paying off

Life is pretty simple lately. And I’ve realized I have to take control of my future if I want anything good to happen. I think that’s what this year is for.

At work, these days my tasks are pretty minimal. My boss doesn’t give me too much to do. Well, he does and he doesn’t. I have non-urgent tasks that I need him to look at but he thinks other things are more important, but I finished with those to an extent. So I just work on those bit by bit and try to perfect them. One task of mine is to come up with two layouts for a new book we will be putting out next year. I’ve never published anything or worked on a book before really, so the boss was a bit nervous, went over the process and everything. The coworker I’m working with is very sweet and has experience making books so he doesn’t have to worry about her. So after doing some “market research” at Kyobo bookstore, we picked out some books and features we liked and came up with two ideas for a new book. Ultimately we decided to each take on a layout style and book layout. I was a bit worried about mine because I feel like the visual element is important with my idea. So I got to work on that and then once I had a preliminary design, I submitted it to the boss. I was a bit nervous that I was over reaching with this but he was absolutely thrilled with the design and said that I could do the whole book by myself, he felt so confident. He asked about the other design that my coworker would submit and I showed him what she gave me as her mock up. He was not impressed at all because it was done very quickly and not very complete. My boss is very… sensitive and a perfectionist. This is why I had to submit mine so complete so I wasn’t surprised that he didn’t like her design. So he asked for a new version of it by the end of this week. I hope she is able to submit it. I’m also thinking about helping her by submitting my own version of her design, but then again, it’s not my job but I’m not that busy so it’s okay. I told her she has to redo it and she wasn’t exactly pleased. So I feel pretty confident in my job for right now but that could change. But I can see myself evolving here quite a bit.

I am enjoying my job here and my coworkers so I think I’ve lucked out. Last week, 4 of us went out to go see The Hunger Games 2 and it was so much fun. I enjoyed just hanging out with them. They are hard working, but not too hard and are just very nice. They also enjoy having me around because compared to Korean workers, I’m quite ballsy with what I say to the boss sometimes (joking about his age or his English ability) and allowed to do stuff that normal Koreans wouldn’t be allowed to do (such as finish work at exactly 6pm). However, this advantage has a trickle down effect and so the other coworkers get the benefits of this too, thus I’m liked a lot more. Can’t complain.

As far as personal life, it’s pretty simple. This week, I finally start swimming classes. I decided to sign up for swimming class at the local YMCA and I was supposed to start last week but due to my sudden cold, I decided not to go last week. So today will be my official start and I’m nervous as hell. But somewhat excited. I’ve never taken a swimming class before, but I need to exercise quite badly. I know most people don’t want to be seen in a bathing suit but swimming is the best for fat people and it works all muscles, not just one set so I figured this would be great for me. We’ll try it this month and if I still like it, I will keep up with it. If not, I’ll just discontinue after this month. I hope to be a couple pounds lighter by New Year’s day.

This past Saturday, I met up with that guy again and we went out for 불닭 (fire chicken, or just really friggin spicy BBQ chicken) which was nice. We met first in 신촌 and then went back to my place. It’s nice to just be honest with him, especially with the aid of liquor. I just wish I wasn’t so nervous around him. I’m not sure why but I get funny feelings in my stomach and I have to pee a lot. So when we meet, I don’t eat a lot and when that happens, I get drunk a heck of a lot quicker. Saturday was nice though I realized that I’m not sure where this will head or what will happen, or even what I want from it. I don’t think I’m ready for a relationship right now. I should probably just focus on myself. I came to this observation over a couple glases of wine after meeting up.
And so on Sunday, while I had stepped out for a few minutes to grab some stuff, he texted me to ask if he could come over and hang out for a bit. Of course I said yes, so he watched many many episodes of “New Girl” with me. He actually really likes the show now and finds Zoey Deschanel very cute. So that’s a win. We ordered food and then after dinner, he left because it was getting late and he had to meet his cousin. He actually admitted that he got offered by another girl to hang out but instead contacted me. I was a little happy about that. It was nice just to talk with no alcohol involved and feel comfortable around each other. No hanky panky this time but there is always time for that. I also need to teach him a few things otherwise I would never consider him.
You know what’s strange? I was the first foreigner to greet him at the institute since I was giving the level interviews that day and during the interview, he said that I said something to the effect of “You know, I can see myself liking you. I’m gonna keep my eye on you.” I really don’t remember this but I totally believe it. I say stupid stuff during the interview. But he said I made such a good impression on him, that that is one of the reasons he stayed so long at my institute. So I’m happy about that. My students do genuinely like me. I’m happy about that. But not usually in this way. But you know what I mean.

Anyway, the text on Sunday happened after I messaged a few people I’ve been meaning to message for a long time and I think it’s the universe’s way of saying if you want something, you gotta do something first. So I will work on messaging people more and being more outgoing. I think it will benefit me. I don’t care if it seems slightly awkward or not, I’m gonna do it!

Now, I’m off to a Sexual Harassment Seminar at work.

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