You know what’s strange? I may not be the most religious person but I do believe in horoscopes. It’s silly, really. Ever since I was little, I’ve loved looking at horoscopes and seeing if they would accurately predict the future or if it was just something that entertains you. Yes, I think it’s a bit of both. But sometimes I feel like it’s that extra little push during the day I need that kind of agrees with a decision I’ve made or helps me make up my mind about something I’ve been contemplating. For example:

I caught a cold Friday because my boss got sick and gave it to us. Thank you, dear leader. So I have been trying to battle this cold all weekend, especially Sunday. Today, Monday, I’m supposed to be starting Swimming classes. I’ve been saying for a month I was going to sign up and get more physically fit. So I finally registered, got my suit out last night and hoped I would go but realized this morning that I should stop being silly and just go home to relax. My boss and a coworker already went home with the cold. They kept telling me to go home early. But it’s silly to waste a day when I wasn’t feeling that bad, just uncomfortable to say the least. So I look at my horoscope for today and it reads, “You may have created an excellent schedule recently in an effort to be more organized and efficient. And while your effort was well-intentioned, the cosmos had other plans. You have most likely found that you have not been able to stick to your schedule., and you’ve had to make several adjustments and compromises. First of all, bravo to you for trying to be more productive. Your efforts at self-improvement are important. But it is also wise to be flexible. Don’t worry about botched deadlines or other disruptions. Just take it one moment at a time and keep a postive attitude. It will all work out quite well.”
I take this as the universes notice that skipping swimming this week is okay and that I should be well enough for my prior engagements from this Thursday. I just have to make sure to drink lots of warm liquids, sleep lots, and rest. Not to get too stressed out. I should be fine.
The universe also seems to be telling me lately that if I want anything, I should just go ahead and try for it, regardless of how desperate it may seem because if I keep waiting, the chance might never happen. And so I have heeded this advice and done that. I reached out to someone that I thought would never message me back so I took the initiative. And so next weekend, we will meet up. I originally tried for this weekend but I’m so glad it’s for next weekend since I got this cold and everything. It really worked out for the best.
But now that we plan to meet, I worry about what we will do or talk about. I know there are some things I’d like to talk about but I wonder if I should. Does talking about it make me look immature? Does it make me look bitter and jealous? I feel that way, yes, but it’s important not to come off that way. I look forward and yet somewhat dread next Saturday’s meeting. I hope it works out for the best. I hope something good comes from it. But I worry about placing my hopes too high and that they will get crushed. There’s a skit either on SNL or maybe it was Gag Concert where people just spoke frankly with each other. It wasn’t that they were offended, they just spoke freely. I kinda wish people would speak that way with me sometimes. I hear all these beautiful things but I really wonder how much is true. People tend to talk the talk but never walk the walk. I just want to know what to expect. That’s all.
Perhaps I should just wait until Saturday and see what my horoscope says.

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