TOPIK, round… ?

It’s that time yet again to go take this silly Korean test. I take this test way too often. I was hoping I would have more time to study this time around and do better. Silly me forgot that I have work and other forces keeping me from doing anything that I actually want to do in order to improve myself. So I definitely need to fix that.

While studying (read: cramming) for the exam, I realized there are few study sites available for Western learners. The Japanese and Chinese and other Eastern Asians have these but we seem to lack any. And if they exist, they are only for the elementary level or maybe intermediate. What about advanced learners like me? Well, I decided while I study for my next test, I should make a study site for us Westerners. Maybe I’ll even start with Advanced just for me and then make lower levels later. Who knows.

Just an idea. Might attach that to the blog if I do so keep on the look out. Anyway, wish me luck!

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