Johnny Rockets, South Korea


I’ve been meaning to write this for a while so here it is.

When I was in high school, we would take field trips to Philadelphia for “cultural trips” but really ended up being going to a museum for an hour and then being left to our own devices for a few hours before heading back to school. Whenever we were dropped off, it was always in front of the Johnny Rockets. I never got to go in but always wanted to.

Well, thousands of miles from home in my corner of Seoul, one just happened to pop up! There is one in Kangnam but I never went there either. Now I had no excuse.

In the Yeongdeungpo Shinsegae food area on B1 sits this baby. The menu is very similar to home, such as burgers and even a cheese steak. Griljdd cheese too. I got the cheese steak and Chili fries. I was really worried about the taste,especially the cheese since American cheese is hard to find here. But as you can see, it was delicious. I wasn’t expecting it to be that good. I’m so happy! But at 17,000 won for the whole thing, I can’t go too often but I recommend it to any lost soul in Korea looking for an American tasting burger.

Oh,and the best part? The workers do dance like in the other chains. When I was there,they danced to the Beegees Staying Alive so it was awesome. And they always greet you in English. I thought they were just greeting me in English but it’s everyone.

Although expensive, I can’t wait to go back soon.


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One thought on “Johnny Rockets, South Korea

  1. Kelly

    yay! another post!! 17,000 won is about $14.97 based on oanda currency exchange.

    That is very expensive but at least you got to enjoy some American food. Do you do that to the ketchup or did they?

    loves! Kelly

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