New Facial Cleansing Method – Oil Cleansing Method

So, lately I’ve been bored with my daily face routine and felt it slightly too arduous. I would have to wash twice a day to strip off the oils and then pack on some moisturizer to fill in the stuff that I pulled off. But being in Korea, I have very limited options about what products to use since a lot doesn’t really work with my skin. I paid that price by being left with huge holes from the pimples I had. I’m so sad about that. So I wanted something that I could use while I’m here as well as back in the states so I didn’t worry about the change or how to get my supply since my current method is a bit difficult for me to get by myself. You have to visit the store itself to get it so it really has me limited.

Lately, I’ve been on Pinterest like crazy since I’m bored and it’s the best site ever, and I noticed I see a lot about this Oil Cleansing Method for cleaning your face and everyone gives it rave reviews, despite your skin type. And most Asians use a cleansing oil for their face so I figured I gotta figure out what would work. But there seems to be so many oils and chemicals in cleansing oils and facial cleansers so I wondered what would be a good natural way to clean and this Oil Cleansing Method was it. It’s using just certain natural oils that match your skin type and clean with that once a day in the evening and that’s it. No toner, no moisturizer, etc. I won’t repeat the method since most sites have the information. The base is Castor oil and then any other oil you want. Since I have acne-prone skin, I use Jojoba Oil and Grapeseed Oil, which are both great for acne supposedly. I also use some Tea Tree Oil thrown in there. If you are in Korea, all this can be purchased on GMarket and some oils can be found on those other sites, like Coupang, WeMakePrice, or Ticketmonster. That’s where I bought my Jojoba Oil. 

So I started it this week and I’ve been breaking out with little tiny pimples, but it’s not the inflamed red ones that bothered me before. It’s the little ones plus one or two red ones. They say to try this method for 3 weeks at least to see if it really works and then decide if you want to continue it. I really hope this passes. After using the oil method, I’ve noticed that my face really isn’t as oily as I thought and is probably more dry or normal. I’ve been wrong all this time! So hopefully these spots go away and I will be happy. I should also probably wash all my sheets and pillow cases as well as drink more water to help. I’m sure that will help as well. 

I will let you know my results in 3 weeks time then. 

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