A Boring Birthday…

My birthday weekend was filled with very little excitement. If anything, I think it was the somber celebration of St. Patrick’s Day that I hear is observed in England, with masses and other religious services, rather than the crazy drinking and merriment of a typical American St. Patrick’s Day. 

A close friend of mine has suddenly rediscovered God and how important it is for them. I care for them and they wanted me to go along, since this was one way I could get them to go out with me later. So we travel to Bucheon to go to this small little church and meet my friend’s “Hyung”, who is one of the minister’s at this church. The gentleman is very nice but quiet and solemn. Very minister-like. So far, everyone at the church is very nice and kind. One of the guys is very bright and bubbly. His name is Lee Pyung Chan and he is the true minister of this church. My friend’s “Hyung”, Minister Cha, is just a side minister. But don’t be mislead, Pastor Cha is very influential in Korea. Very well off, but very humble. Very respectable. I hope my friend keeps this friend close and follows his advice as this man could help my friend immensely. My friend needs the help and I want to help him. Going back to Mr. Lee, Pastor Lee is actually a famous pastor of CTS, the largest Christian Broadcasting Company in Korea and is big in the company from what I hear. Though, this is from a Korean and so I must listen with a grain of salt. And my friend says I might be useful to them because I speak English and some Korean so I could open  services up to English speakers. I find this all pretty amusing seeing that I’m Agnostic and don’t like the idea of organized religion. So, to be a good friend, I attend this church. And while on our adventures, I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from this Pastor Lee. He was very sweet and supposedly, does not do this very often. I do take this as a very thoughtful and kind gesture. I am very happy to receive it. And he seems to like me so far, which is good. I got an autographed CD of his greatest hits too! Yeehaw! I suppose I’m thankful for that… I’ll let my friend have that, though. And one of the other people in this service is a Laugh Therapist. I heard that and I started laughing automatically. Is that wrong? But I thought it was so awesome. I’ve never known a laugh therapist before. But that’s got to be an interesting profession. 

After church, I was able to get some On The Border out of my friend, though I know they think Western food is all greasy and creamy and hates it (Though pizza is okay sometimes, especially Costco pizza, bwahahaha). But no cake this weekend nor other presents so I’m kinda bummed. I know I shouldn’t expect any gifts but that’s just me. I’m greedy like that. I know I shouldn’t be but for my birthday and Christmas, I’m always greedy for gifts. I really want some! I should just buy my own and call it a day. But what to buy… 

Nothing else interesting as of late. So I will leave you a picture of my birthday flowers. I’ll put up more later. 

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