Back from Home

As one will notice, it is May already. This means I have already gone and come back from my home land, the great States of America that appear united. I was home for two weeks but it was a week two long, I think. You have no idea how happy I was to just gorge myself in delicious American cuisine. Words can’t express the emotion of each meal. It was like a baby seeing bubbles for the first. I think my eyes twinkled a bit. To this day, I still wish I could eat as much cheese, bread, and chicken as I did at home. And it doesn’t help that when I came home from… home? that my gas stove doesn’t work anymore. The gas line supposedly stops if you don’t use it for a long time. I didn’t realize that. So after not using it for a month, I can’t use it unless I call city gas. I know I should call them but I hate calling people in Korean. I just have this slight fear of calling people, even in English. So this is why I can’t get food ordered to me in Korea. In the US, ordering food for delivering was beyond easy, especially in a college town. Now, it’s even worse because addresses are not as clear-cut as they are at home.
I will figure out a way.

Family is still family. I have realized just how independent I am from them. I really hate living under someone else’s roof. It drives me crazy. But I was beyond happy to see my sister and Snickers (my dog). My sister was nice enough to take time off of work to hang out with me and I think I saw her almost everyday. I’m glad for that. She was better than many of my other friends. They all seemed very busy and I couldn’t get to meet them, especially as often as I would have liked. Except for two people or so. But it just felt slightly one sided. I had to fit into their schedule and I had to go to them. I understand some situations, but I came 6,000 miles and time off from my busy job and life to come see you people. And they couldn’t even take a day off for me? I was a little peeved about that. I know I sound very ungrateful. I apologize for that. But I felt like I was the one contacting everyone and not always the other way around. Then people said, “I didnt even know you were in town”. But I’ve been posting on Facebook and here since around September of last year my plans. So I find that to be a very sore excuse. All in all, home was homey, but I think my next vacation will not be in the US. They can come to me this time.

I sound very bitter about my home visit. There were positives. I bought lots of great stuff, slept a lot, watched the Hunger Movies with sister, among other things. I did have a decent time but I realized how my life has changed so much so far and how it can’t go back to the way things were. And I am perfectly fine with that. Adventure~!

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