PSA: Coffee Shops

Dear Coffee Shops of Korea, 

Thank you for asking if I would like whipped cream with my beverage. This, however, does not give you the right to skimp me on my drink as a result. 1/3 whipped cream and 2/3 hot chocolate is not a good ratio. 
Did you ever notice why coffee cups have some extra room at the top? While helping prevent spillage, it is also where you place the whipped cream. The perfect ratio is 3/3 hot chocolate plus 1/1 whipped cream. That means a full cup of beverage plus some whipped cream on top. If i tilt my cup almost 160 degrees and nothing comes again, I will march my foreign butt back and demand my drink in your language or mine. Either way, you will understand what I mean by the end of the conversation. 
Have a great day! 


Really annoyed regular of your coffee shop

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