Caribong – Gasan Digital Complex / Mario Outlets

So, I will update about my life in a bit but I figured I would talk about my recent outing to a place I’ve never been to before. 

So finally, after many plans made and cancellations, Soyeon and I went to the outlets at Gasan Digitail Complex Station. Now, everyone tells me how great this place is and how cheap everything is. As an avid shopper that I am, I’m so excited! I love shopping! And they have brand names that I know. Even better! If your an American, when you think of outlets, you will imagine places like “Woodbury Outlets” or the outlets in Atlantic City. Streets filled with stores of cheap designer products. So many, it takes a day to see everything and it’s an adventure in itself.

And that’s what I have in my mind, so I’m like “Aww man, I gotta get there now!” So I get there and Soyeon arrives 30 minutes late, at 8p and the outlets close at 9. Are we even gonna have time to shop? Is it possible? But it doesn’t matter. She comes and we get ourselves there. And… it’s nothing like what I have in my mind. I mean, of course it can’t be just like what I have in the States, we have more space for our crap. But I’m thinking something like Time Square in Youngdeungpo at least, with big stores in one giant shopping center. But, no, it’s not. Imagine an American department store, like Macy’s or Nordstrom, but as clean or roomy, so imagine it like Sears or JC Penney’s. (I’m not judging, I love JC Penney’s and Sears.) And each section is so small. And so I try to keep myself excited for the brand name bag section but there is only maybe 10 bags from each brand. How the heck am I supposed to shop that? Aw hell no! (The jersey girl in me is coming out) It’s actually so much smaller than I thought (Except for the Adidas section, which seemed like an actual store so I was pleased with that) but everything else was pretty craptastic. I didn’t buy anything and I doubt I will. I think I might just wait for the Duty Free Stores to go shopping if I want anything like that. I’m not gonna spend my money on crap like that. 

So my warning is to just wait for the Korean Duty Free Stores, such as Walkerhill, Shilla, Donghwa, etc. They are even better if you shop on their online store. One of them, I forget which one, offers 10,000won twice a day at 10am and 8pm for your purchases. And I don’t think there is a limit. So try them if you wanna shop cheap for brand names in Korea. Otherwise, wait until you get to that brand’s country or origin or the US. I’m gonna wait til I get home to brand name shop. Woodbury outlets, here I come!!

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