Funday Sunday

Sunday is the day of the week where I kinda just sit around the apartment and be as lazy as possible. I can’t really go drinking, or rather, I choose not to because I don’t want to run into the possibility of waking up with a hangover or sleeping in late/badly. So, Saturday is my night out. If that’s not a possibility, it makes my week pretty dull. You can understand.

Last night I didn’t really do anything. I stayed home and watched TV. But today, Sunday, was my fun day. 4pm I had plans with Serin and her japanese study group friends to go to a Board Game Cafe, which was actually a ton of fun. We played a bunch of games like Uno, Halli Galli (a strange counting game but fun too), Jenga, and Blue Marble (which is just like Monopoly, and I bankrupted everyone. It was awesome). Serin’s friends, Jungmin and Sangmin were really nice and it was funny that they kept being surprised by how Korean I seemed. They kept forgetting I was foreign, which is just the feeling I want. I also think it’s funny that I sometimes jokingly tell people I just met that I’m half Korean, and they believe me. It’s kinda scary. Anyway, we might me up later this week during the vacation to hang out, which would be nice. I hope it happens but I don’t keep my hopes up when making plans with people here. It just leads to heartache. I do hope that I can go back to this cafe another time. I really enjoyed it, though I realized I’m way too competitive.

Also, before meeting up with Serin, I met up with Kanghee, my new Bassoon teacher. Yes, I started playing the bassoon again! And at first it was really strange, but it was really nice to hold it again and look at sheet music again. I forgot what it was like to play and be apart of an ensemble. Why I loved being around music. So when I go home in April, I will bring my bassoon back with me to practice and get it repaired here. I hope it’s still okay. My poor Franhilda. And you know what Kanghee said? He said after I work on the bassoon for a little while and get back up to my old playing habits, he will find an amateur group for me, him, and our other bassoon friend Aaron to play in. When I heard that, my day was made. I couldn’t tell you how happy that made me. That’s what I’ve dreamed of since I got to Korea. Being able to join a music group here would be amazing. And if I could have Kanghee next to me to support me, would be amazing. He really is the best teacher I could possibly get. He is so supportive, even of all my mistakes and silliness. And he teaches me for free, as long as I talk to him in English so he can keep up his English and maybe if he needs help with his written English, I can help him. I suddenly got a call two weeks ago from Aaron telling me about Kanghee and it was the best phone call I could’ve ever gotten. I’m so glad I got it. 

I feel like I’m finally going back to what is me. My love for music. Music really is what drives me and I would be lost without it. I just wish I had someone to share it with me. 

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