Busy Bee~~

So, as one may have noticed, I haven’t updated in quite a while. This would be due to the fact that my schedule got a lot more hectic this month as a result of that lovely promotion I received last month. And since then, there have been many events going on, but little time to jot them down. I have been trying to catch up on sleep by going to bed early (read somewhere before 10pm) or I am trying to calm myself down by finishing a book I started. I will get at least one New Years resolution completed by this year, I swear.

Well, before starting this position, my boss warns me about a teacher who is good but slightly boring. But don’t worry! Everything is fine. Just stay on the lookout, he says. Okay, no problem. Day 1- 3 classes all complain about them, describing them as “lethargic” and stares at the clock. One whole class threatened to leave if there teacher wasnt changed, so I had to assume the class. Which means I have to work at night while they finish at 1 those days. Why am I being punished for their wrongdoing? How do I make them work harder when they get off early, goes out to play, then comes in early looking exhausted, like they just woke up? I would give them more classeIs, but I’m afraid of leaving them alone with classes. It’s such a burden. And they rub it in everyones face that they can leave early for their vacation a day early due to their great schedule while we work until 10pm. Needless to say, we are all pissed.

Another thing I noticed after becoming Academic Director here is that I doubt my current teachers take me too seriously as a manager. I don’t want to be a hard-ass on them. But I’m getting requests they wouldn’t have asked the previous manager such as “Can I use your computer…when your not there?” “Can I have nights off next month?” to just complaining to my face about the work they get and making it seem like it’s a personal thing against them if I ask them to take on a 1:1 class. I mean, I already have 3 1:1 classes. They won’t let me have more. How much more do I have to do? I know my boss told me I would have to do more than usually required, but I think I’m doing that now. I deserve some slack. I want to be able to rely on my staff and look to them for help, but I feel like it’s hard, for a number of reasons. Due to this lack of respect and them getting too comfortable with their favors, I think I will have to stop going to dinner with them Friday nights. Separating myself from them seems to be the best solution to this. Especially since one of them won’t even look at me in the face, which is slightly rude but there isn’t much I can do. It feels like middle school all over again.
Speaking of middle school, I went sledding two weeks ago with Soyeon and Museung and I go to Soyeon’s country house near Kimpo and hang out there for the night then go sledding the next day. Wow, sledding was a lot of fun! I haven’t gone sledding in years and it didn’t disappoint. I wish the hill was higher and we were tubing but there isn’t too much you can do. I just sometimes dislike hanging out with them since they always stay up late and drink but I can’t since I won’t feel well if I stay up too late. I get tired really easily. I take stupid dance class to get me more energy and I always end up feeling more tired. Darn it!
Last weekend, the 12th, I was supposed to have the Korean Language Proficiency Test again, but when I got there, there seemed to be no test. Very odd, right? I got there 40 minutes earlier than the time I had to be in my seat for the exam and there was still nobody there. Found out they emailed me to cancel the exam on the Friday before but didn’t tell me. I am definitely not happy about that one. More on those details later…
And for Valentine’s Day, I didn’t have a valentine, but actually in Korea, women are supposed to give chocolate to men, so I didn’t do that. Oops. But I did message my male friends Happy Valentine’s Day. And most reply back. M actually calls me as soon as he gets the message. Of course, he was out drinking, which is a bit strange since it was Valentine’s Day. He should be with his girlfriend… But anyway, he tells me, “Good news! My girlfriend is going to Singapore next week. That means we can hang out!” AKA go drinking. This message kind of intrigues me. I mean, I haven’t seen him in a while so I do want to hang out a bit. I just wonder how weird it might get. But it should be interesting. I’m looking forward to it. Male company while drinking is always appreciated. Maybe I’ll even be able to go Karaoke-ing. I would enjoy that. Something to look forward to. Oh, and Emi will be my house guest for a few days at the end of this month, so I hope I will be able to hang out with her a bit after my classes.
This promotion definitely made me busier, but I think being busier is better, because it gets my mind off stupid things, like a social life and boys. Just what I needed.
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