The First Couple Days as Boss

So, I have officially started my post as head teacher here and it’s not too bad. It feels a bit empty here in the office. I’m so used to coming in, greeting some of our long term teachers, and go about my own business, worrying about my life, i.e. what I will eat for lunch, does so-so like me, what kind of shoes will I buy today, etc. But so far, for the last 2 weeks or so, I haven’t had too much time to really think about that. This week especially. I mainly worry about things like, did I send my director an email about that, what did I forget to do, what if I mess payroll up, are we okay with hours, should I think about hiring, etc. And then around 8:10pm, once I’ve finally gone home, I realize that perhaps I should eat a real meal. But what do I eat? Bah, real meals are for the week. It’s time for sleep! What’s sleep again? And I pass out on my bed just to wake up again a few hours later wondering if I’m late for work yet, are my teachers at class, will I get a call about them, etc. I think it will be this way for the first month. Once I figure out the groove of how everything works at this level, it will be much easier. Luckily I’m close with most of the staff so it’s not too bad. I’m just worried about messing up payroll the most. So now, I’m just ridiculously tired.

Luckily, I have enough time to go to Dance class this month, though I swear it’s more bootcamp than anything else. We have a new teacher this month due to my previous teacher leaving to focus on her dance company’s performances this month. So we have a new teacher and she focuses more on ballet rather than hip hop. I mean, we are doing a pop song now, but she seems very classically trained with her warmups, her outfit, and her moves. So these next couple weeks with her will be quite interesting.

And you know, the most random thing happened today. I was in the teachers’ room on my laptop, typing this article up and preparing for class when the cleaning lady walked in. She is a very happy-go-lucky 70-something year old woman who can do more things than I can. She has so much energy and strength, it’s absurd. And she unfortunately has arms like the Incredible Hulk, which she had to go to the doctor’s for, so it’s a medical problem but still interesting. Anyway, she’s the sweetest lady who talks to me in Korean and talks about random things like the weather or garbage that we throw out, this and that (she takes care of the garbage and bathrooms here, man and woman’s jobs. Beast!). She comes up to me while I’m in here and I thought she was going to clean something in here but when I look at her, she is holding a piece of bubble wrap and starts giggling, popping it like a child. And then tells me that it’s the most fun thing ever and for me to do it with her. I officially love that woman more now than ever. I wish she were my grandmother at times.

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