It’s funny. I remember Emi messaged me that day in the fall, around November or October, when the leaves were changing. She asked me to go to Namsan with her to see the leaves change. I was very against it but she really wanted to go see it. I don’t think I told her how I didn’t really want to go but I went anyway. I didn’t want to go due to the hike. How tiring it would be. How embarrassing it might be and how boring it might be. That’s the reason I didn’t want to go with Jun Sang and Jae Sang, and Chi Hoon. And I will say, I regret being that way about it. I should have just gone to the top of Namsan with them and done it. I doubt I will ever tell them how regretful I am of it. I was very childish. But what can we do now? Anyway, I’m glad Emi got me to go. It was really such a splendid day. The sky was beautiful, the air was fresh, and it was nice to just talk to Emi about my worries, and other random things.

And it was from that day forward that I wanted to be more active. I was more adamant about going to dance class, though my schedule makes it hard for me sometimes. But I really want to go to lose the weight. It made me want to take the stairs more. It made me not want to look so pathetic anymore, although today I still do but not as much. Something recently forced me to use the stairs a lot and now stairs aren’t as bad as they used to be for me. I used to be a master when I was younger since I used to be afraid of elevators when I was younger and my house had tons of stairs to go up and down.

But also, to try and get in better shape, I bought a Wii plus Wii Fit. So I definitely have no excuse to not work out now. This can yell at me better than I can, well, atleast more nicely. It will encourage me hopefully. All to get to my goal for April. But everyday I get a little bit discouraged. It seems kinda useless. I know it’s not useless for myself to keep going to get better. But other things seem useless. But I somehow have to keep going.

I don’t know why I wrote this but that picture above inspired me to. Anyway, have a good day. Time to get to work!

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