A New (Lunar) Year!

I know it feels like we just celebrated New Year’s, but Korea is at it again, but this time, it’s bigger than before. It’s Lunar New Year’s! Koreans follow two calendars: Gregorian, like most of the rest of the world, and Lunar, like their ancestors have done. Koreans even have two birthdays and usually pick one depending on their family. My one friend celebrates his Lunar birthday, rather than his Solar one. On most forms you fill out here, it asks for the birthdate and then you have to check a box to tell them if it’s the lunar date or solar date. Very confusing sometimes. But neat!

Well anyway, as a result of this Lunar New Year’s, we get vacation! Yay! So come 4:50pm today (Saturday), I will be free until Wednesday morning. But what will I do? I need to figure that one out. I’m thinking of lots of TV, sleeping, computing, and Wii-ing. Yes, you heard me. I bought a Wii! I bought it off of craigslist from a fellow expat who was selling it for very cheap. It comes with the console, Wii fit and the board, Zelda, Raving Rabbits (I love this game), and a hard drive with tons more games. I ned to figure out how to use the hard drive for the games but that will be next. First, I want to figure out the Wii Fit game. I bought the Wii to play Wii fit. This way, if I can’t exercise at dance class, I have something else to do at night before I go to bed or during the day. I am determined to lose this weight. And also, after this Lunar New Year’s, I am determined to cut out soda from my life. Even if I get tired, no soda. I will have to suck it up. Just lots of lemon water. The only exception I will make is when I go out drinking with friends. And that is pretty rare anymore so I should be okay. Many people say they have lots 10kgs in a month from just getting rid of soda. I can do this! It’s not too hard. And remember to take my vitamins! This is very hard. I’m so forgetful. I should remember to take them in the morning but I always forget. I need to figure this out. It’s driving me crazy. So I think I will add a counter to my posts or the side with a chart tracking how many days without soda. Like one of those workplace signs that say “How many days without a death/accident/puppy slaughtering”, etc.

Anyway. the reason I am doing this is because I should have more time from now on. Why would I have more time from now on? I got the promotion at work! My boss approached me last month to tell me he was leaving. And in his stead, he wanted to nominate me as a candidate for the position. So he would set up interviews for me with the Nat’l Director and our center director. Things didn’t go too fast but I got some interviews, though they were also looking at other people too. I got the notification last Thursday and I have been training all this week with my boss and at headquarters for next month. And I have been getting a bunch of conflicting info about it. HQ thinks my boss will be here for February, while my boss is like “Psh, I’m peacing. Good luck!” So I feel a little nervous about all this. But I’m hoping everything will be fine. I must train well with my boss to get this all done. I can see next month getting a lot busier. My coworkers are taking the news pretty well, so I’m relieved. I don’t think I will get too much hassle from them. They seem pretty adult about most things. Now, how to begin my reign…

Oh, and as an update to my previous posting, there is a Chinese person at my dance studio and it is the man in my class! Of all the luck! It’s pretty funny. So, he finally started talking to me Monday and told me he was Chinese and why he was here. He sounds very Korean but he is Chinese. I need to get his name. And the cutie from up front at the dance studio has poor work ethics so he got himself fired already. I’m a bit disappointed but it wasn’t meant to be. And that’s fine by me. He was a baby anyway. I don’t need a baby. I just need to remember, I need to focus on me. I have a lot on my plate right now and focusing is what needs to be done.

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