Get in the a Groove

So I am trying to get on track with my  New Year’s resolution to lose weight. I take dance classes 3 times a week usually (sometimes I really have absolutely no energy to take the class after my getting up so early.) I go to the EZ Dance Studio, a chain company that’s located throughout Seoul and neighboring Seoul cities, such as Bundang, Suwon, etc. If you wanna check them out, go to or go look them up on Naver/Daum. They’re a pretty big chain. Maybe not as famous as some other companies but still good. The one that I go to is pretty small but it’s big enough. It reminds me of when I went to Marcia Hyland Dance Studio when I was younger. I attended that studio for 9 years and I really enjoyed it. From Kindergarten to Freshman year of high school I went there and I never regret it. I regret not investing more energy in dancing, sometimes. But it was fine. I had to give it up in high school since the studio was just too expensive. And it was a bit out of the way so I just went with my high school’s local activities, like marching band and music groups. I enjoyed those too but I got out of shape because of it.

Before joining this place 4 months ago, I was very out of shape. I can’t tell you how out of shape I was. Lifting my leg to stand on my bed was a struggle. I had the hardest time standing up for long periods. It was just really bad. And I got tired of being a sloth. It was either sleep, eat, or work. Never anything else. I tried calligraphy for 6 months and while I enjoy calligraphy, it was just too quiet for me. If you know me, I need noise. I need that thumping beat. I really love it. And calligraphy was the opposite. So I one day decided to sign up for dance class and really have never regretted it.

Now, I must warn anyone who goes to the smaller schools of EZ dance, they probably don’t know English. Mine doesn’t. They were absolutely terrified of me because I have the foreigner face coming at them. But once I open my mouth, they felt a little bit better. And every week, little by little, they got even more comfortable with me. It was quite nice. Now, I feel like a celebrity. Well, in the way that a foreigner does in Korea. I’m the only foreigner at my studio, with the exception of maybe a Chinese student that might be enrolled without my knowledge. They blend in a lot easier than I and I envy them slightly for that. But, everyone knows me here and all the students, even the little high schoolers practicing for Art School Entrance Auditions are friendly and outgoing. They love practicing their English on me and them I don’t mind because they know I won’t teach them really, just play around with them. And the owner and his wife are very sweet. The owner’s wife is a modern jazz teacher, and actually a really famous one in Korea. She’s going to NYC at the end of this month for a workshop or something. I’m not really sure what it is but she will be gone for a month. I’m kinda jealous. I wanna go home for a month sometimes.

The cost of this studio is cheaper than what I paid at home in the US. For 3 months (plus an extra one if you get a special promotion going), it’s about 270,000₩. Honestly, some gym memberships are this price. And here is a bit more fun than just lifting weights. I thought about a cycling class that is also.located in the Youngdeungpo Market area, but that somehow seems like torture. At least with a dance class, you become much more flexible, which will be beneficial in other aspects of your life, if you know what I mean. Such as the club! And you can dance to all the popular radio hits better than some of the other girls, which.can be a plus.

So, I am satisfied with this arrangement. But I feel like I need another way to lose weight too. I was thinking the 8-minute programs on Youtube, which kick you butt but are a bit boring. Or another option was getting a Wii. But they are quite pricey. And Wii Fit is also slightly pricey. But it might be a good idea. I need to think about it more. Im seriously considering it. But I gotta think, how often would I use it and is it worth it? Lots to consider. Lots and lots to consider.

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  1. BallerinaSwag

    I really like your blog!!! 🙂 ~Grace

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