Resolutions & The Future

So far, this new year has been very kind to me. It really is true, stay positive, and positive things will happen to you. At least, this is how I feel. Yes, there are ups and downs, but what else can you do other than think positively about those downs and enjoy the ups.

My schedule at work this month has allowed me to actually have a social life, which is absolutely wonderful. I finally can have dinner with friends at night and enjoy it. And with Saturday morning classes cancelled, I can enjoy Friday nights just a little bit more. I don’t start work until 2pm. That sounds awesome to me! And it’s only for 3 hours. I think I can handle this. And since I get the last Saturday of this month off, I’m happy. The schedule of a foreign English teacher in Korea isn’t that bad unless you do split shifts. Many people think, “Oh split shifts? That means you have time during the day to run errands and go hang out with someone.” And yes, this is true. You do have opportunity to meet friends in the afternoon, that is, if they are students with a strange schedule or unemployed. Many of my friends are employed so it doesn’t work out so easily. As far as errands, yes, I can go on errands, such as grocery shopping or to the bank during my time off. However, this is if you have the energy. Usually, You are up around 5am to start work around 6. Finish by noon or 1 and then go back around 5ish for the second shift and finish around 10 or 11. Where is the sleeping time? The afternoons and evenings. So, I sleep in the afternoons. As a result, I don’t cook for myself. Thus, no grocery shopping is necessary. That’s always nice, isn’t it? Anyway, my schedule is less split, so that’s a blessing.

Why is it so free, you ask? Well, my boss is leaving in a few months. He wants to move on and do different things. Good for him! He deserves it. He’s a really smart guy. One of the best bosses I ever had, honestly. And I mean this in the way that he made me work really hard, and pushes me more than I’ve ever been pushed at a job. So that means we need a new manager for here and they are looking for one. But they are debating whether to search in company or outside of the company. But my boss has nominated me as a possible candidate for the job, for which I am very flattered and honored. So, as a result, I have had a meeting with the center manager about the job and Monday I have another meeting with the national director. So I’m terrified. I hope he is nice. But honestly, I thought about all the pros and cons that would come with this job. And there are plenty of both. It’s honestly split half and half. So, I won’t worry about this but do what I was meant to do. I will try my best to get this job. If I get it, good. If not, that’s fine. I will be a little sad, of course, everyone feels this way at rejection. But I know it was meant to be if I do or don’t get it. I’ve learned many things from it and I feel better at the end of the day.

The focus this year is on me. I know I said this last year, but I focused on me in the wrong way. I focused on everything that was wrong and just felt so much worse. So, this year is my time to focus on the good things. Trying to stay positive. Which reminds me, I should write about my goals for the new year. I forgot about that.

New Year’s Resolutions/Goals:

1. Lose some weight before I go home in April. I know I can’t lose too much but anything I can is fine.

2. Study Korean harder and pass that damn test! I’ve been taking these language tests for months and it’s driving me crazy. I need to pass this test. I wanna be qualified and feel confident in my Korean ability. But I’m not, so thus I need to study harder.

3. Try to make one outfit when I go home in April. I am always unhappy with my clothes, but I guess it’s because I have an ideal outfit in my head but it doesn’t exist in plus sizes. So thus, I will try to make it.

4. Try to be a lot happier. I was absolutely miserable last year and I regret that it took away my year here. I let people get to me and my work get to me. I don’t want to be a slave to or them. I need to find things that make me happy and do it. Ever since I started dance class, I have been a lot happier, but a lot more tired. I have met people that are not at my institute and it makes me feel a bit better. I will try to find other activities and people that make me happy. I will be happier this year and my Japan trip is a perfect start for it.

5. Save money but buy the things I want to/Better myself. If I want earrings, buy it. If I want new clothes, buy it. Don’t go crazy but work on improving myself and how I look. Don’t be stingy with me. I’m worth it. But make sure that I save money for the important things. I need to save money for if I ever move back to the US or retirement. But like that commercial says, I’m worth it. I really am. I won’t degrade myself again because I think I’m not good enough. I’m pretty damn awesome. I may not be a master of something but one day I will be. I know a bunch of stupid stuff. But someone will want to know the info in my head. But I should also be wise with my purchases. No frivolous stuff. Only stuff that actually means something to me.

6. Be cleaner/More organized. I’m not an absolutely slob, but I know my room is a bit messy. I need to be more on top of being clean. I am very careless when it comes to being tired. I always find myself cleaning my room once a week but I come home everyday and think “If someone came over this moment, what would they think?” And it would be a pretty pitiful sight to see. So, thus, I need to fix this. Make a system. I’ve already improved the clothes all over the floor problem with a laundry basket by the bathroom door. Makes things easier. Now, everything else needs to improve. Next is my desk.

7. Finish at least 2 books this year. I never read but I always want to. I have books in my room but never finish them. I’m so damn lazy. Including Emily’s “When Rabbit Howls”. Yes, Emily. It’s here in Korea with me. I’m sorry. I’ll give it back when I go home in April! But this means I must finish it first. That I will do. And maybe a Korean book?

Anyway, I will put these in a separate page so I remember them throughout the year or something. I feel it’s best. Now I wanna clean. But I gotta study Korean since I have a lesson later. Boo on this. Decisions decisions.

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