That’s The Way It Is

So, Sunday morning, I’m awake, though I feel like I should be doing something productive, like preparing Christmas presents to be sent home, working on stuff for work  (I have tons of extra prep to do. Damn this!) and maybe study Korean since I have some tutoring later on for it. Hooray! But I just wanna go out and play with my friends.

But there doesn’t seem to be any around. They always seem busy or unable to respond so sometimes, I just give up messaging certain people. I remember before coming to this country, I was really worried about what my life would be like. That it would be nothing like my days at Ewha, where I lived in a dorm, hung out with friends all the time, went to classes and met tons of new people, and just had an overall amazing experience. My life is completely different from that kind of life. I live alone in an apartment, where I don’t know my neighbors. I go to work and see the same coworkers over and over again, and see mostly the same students over and over again. I have limited opportunities to see my friends due to my hectic schedule always conflicting with theirs, but they are usually busy on the weekends with their other friends. I sound really desperate these days, and I really regret that. I’m not usually a desperate person. I’m a very outgoing, positive, bubbly person, but I need social interaction to survive. And being deprived of that makes someone go insane. It’s literally making me go insane. My one best friend here says she is lonely too, dislikes Korea sometimes for the same reasons I do, and misses home. And I thought about this for a moment and was kinda annoyed because I felt like her situation was better than my. She is still a student, living in a dorm and enjoying dorm life. Yes, it’s grad school, so much harder than before but she still has people she can commiserate with over classes and meet lots of new students. She also has a boyfriend here so she can always message someone and get a loving response back, even if they sometimes get annoyed at each other. And lastly, her home country is Japan. It’s so close that she could go home for a weekend trip if she wanted. Mine is a 14hour plane ride plus 2 hour car ride. I just wish she understood that our situations are completely different.

Damn, I sound like such a whiny person. It’s really getting to me.

Anyway, since I’ve been bored, I’ve been going shopping online from US sites. It makes me so happy sometimes, seeing products that I’m familiar with and want to buy. I’ve ordered stuff from Sephora, Amazon, and even GNC. Why GNC? Because I’m trying to get my metabolism moving. It’s soo slow and I want to optimize my workout so I bought some pills that supposedly boost your metabolism and raise your body heat a bit so you sweat more during a workout. Sounds like a pretty nifty idea. I feel like I’m finally seeing the fruits of my labor with these dance classes. Perhaps I will continue them. I just hope that I can because my schedule might change starting next month. Why?

Because my boss has nominated me as a candidate to take his spot when he leaves. That’s great, isn’t it?? I’m surprised and thankful for the nomination. I didn’t expect it at all. I never saw myself in that capacity. But It would be nice to get the pay raise and possibly better hours. I would have to sacrifice a lot more time and I would have to do a bunch more things but it might be worth it in the end. But right now, it’s just a nomination. They might choose someone else inside or outside the company but I’m very thankful for the nomination. If I don’t get it, I would understand and wouldn’t mind. Life wouldn’t change. Everything would continue as planned. So that’s good. But I will find out more on Monday when I meet with our School Director about it. I’ll see what he says. I just hope everything works out the way it’s supposed to and for the best.

Also, because I’m continuously buying stuff from home and on that shipping website, Malltail, I decided to join their online forums. I was curious what was so great about forums in this country, since they are all so obsessed with them. And I must say, they are kinda fun! I joined and was looking around and decided to check out the section for English complaint translations. So sometimes I leave a translation for them to send the seller and it’s such a rewarding feeling having them be so thankful for these translations. They are really so grateful for them. And it’s such a rewarding feeling for me to give them that opportunity. I will try to add more and more translations to the site. I just wish I could add more. And I want to add some information about sales in the US and where to buy the best things for them since they might not know. It’s really nice to connect with these people. It’s just a more satisfying feeling than my job sometimes. How sad…

Well, let’s hope I can make some Christmas plans by the end of this week. I refuse to be alone for Christmas!

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