Malltail Guide: Shipping from US to S. Korea – Updated! (Kinda)

Update 9/16/2014 – I have updated most of it but due to needing to have an order to get to some of it, I wasn’t able to update everything. I will update once I order again from the States. I apologize.

For a while, I was so sad about not being able to shop in Korea. I mean, skincare products don’t do well with my skin here (I got horrible acne from them due to my sensitive skin), clothes don’t fit me, etc etc. So, I’ve been searching for a long time online for ways to get things shipped from the US to Korea. I saw many sites online, but all the ones I found were scams that cost money to sign up and more money for the packages. I was tired of this and just gave up. Luckily, a student of mine told me about this site, Malltail, and I was skeptical of if it was real or not but she swore by it. And then I found more and more students using it to buy stuff from my homeland for cheap. So I mentioned on here that I would try it. Well, here is my first package! What a success!! Let this be a guide for any foreigner who wants to use it but doesn’t know Chinese or Korean (there is no English Version yet).



So, on the main page here, click this button for “Member sign up”. It will take you to a page where you have to click all the boxes to agree (your basic agreements), and then click the next button.


This is the signup page. I provided the translations for you. I hope you can read it all. Where it says Text and Email notification, the first one is yes, the second is no. I figured most people would click no so that’s why I selected it. Where it says birthday, the two choices are Solar calendar and Lunar calendar. Most foreigners follow Solar birthdays so that’s the first option. If you know your lunar birthday, by all means put it in.

When you click submit, you should get a text message from them stating that you have completed your sign up, congratulations! That means they know how to contact you when you order something. If you don’t get a text message at the end of signup, you did something wrong.

So after signup, go buy something! Have a ball! Order the products first. Make sure you have your order number and order details. You will need it for the next step. Where do you send it?? Not to your house!! They always give you a address at the top of the screen.


I blurred out my special box number but everyone’s is unique. When you order something, USE THESE ADDRESSES! This is important. But, why do they have a NJ, DE address and a CA address??

In NJ, CLOTHING, FOOD, and VITAMINS are considered necessary items for living and thus aren’t taxed. So, if you want any of those, use the NJ address. Otherwise, the LA address can be quicker. Also, it depends on where the shipper’s warehouse is located. It might be quicker from NJ than LA. (UPDATE! The DE address is an extra $1 more to use, but since it’s tax free on everything, it’s not too bad).

So, once you sign into your account from the main page, this page will pop-up!


This gives you the status of your shipments and accounts. Those M-points are just rewards points you can use to pay for shipping. You earn them with each shipment. You can start using them after 5,000 points I think. I’ve never used them because they expire so quick. Just keep this in mind.

Anyway, on to registering an ordered shipment. REMEMBER! You must have placed an order already to be able to input a shipment. Buy the items first then go to the malltail site to register it.


So click the register shipment button and it will take you to this page:

Step 1

Step 1

So as I say and check the box then check the address you are shipping to. Then press the button on the bottom right to keep going.

Step 2

Step 2

Then this pops up. Damn all these pop ups… Do as the pictures say and exit out of that those three things.

Step 3

Step 3

So here, you put in the basic order information. Now, if you ordered from Ralph Lauren (Polo), Vitra, Gap (Old Navy, etc) and 6pm, if you click the black button next to it, it will ask for your login info and automatically input your entire order info into the boxes. You just need to tell it what type of item it is. Don’t forget that or it won’t let you move on.

If you didn’t order from these sites, just go ahead and fill this in. If you don’t have a tracking number yet, don’t worry. You can put it in later, or you can wait until you get it and then fill out this page. Either is okay. It might be easier to fill this page out when you have the tracking information so you don’t have to worry. And the prices will automatically appear at the bottom as you enter them in at the top.

Step 4

Step 4 – Entering product info

Now when you click that product type box, a menu pops up.

Product Type Pop-up

Product Type Pop-up

Once you’ve finished that, add Sales Tax, any possible discount amounts, and shipping amount. Make sure the total on the right matches your order total or they get unhappy.


If you have any sales tax, shipping fees, or discount coupons/gift cards, put it all in those boxes. This is so the people who process your order can understand the pricing. Don’t ask, just do.

The next step is putting in your personal information so it can come to you in Korea. It’s hard to update this because I can’t access it unless I input an order. It has changed again so I will have to update this at a later date. For now, try to use this as a guide.

When they ask for your passport country, here is a list of common foreign countries that might be used. You can look them up in Korean.

USA – 미국

Canada – 카나다

England – 영국

India – 인도

Japan 일본

China 중국


Once finished all this information, just click the big button at the bottom and it’s done! Hooray! Most of your work is done!

Once you enter this, the site will send you a text message that says they received your order.

Now is the waiting game. They will text you again that gives you the price of the shipping. Once that happens, log back in, and it will take you to your page.

Then you will have to pay the shipping. And depending on how many times you’ve ordered, your membership status goes up and you get a discount on it. Hooray.

Enter the credit card info in and your Malltail password, and click just once! (A pop-up will remind you to only click once or else you can get double charged). Then, it’s smooth sailing, unless you get hit with duties.

Your limits are:

Clothing – up to about US$150-200

Makeup – $100 or so.

Candles (Yankee Candles) – $100

Bath and Body works-type stuff – $100-$150

Other stuff – $150

This includes shipping and taxes.



And you are done. Congratulations.  If you have any questions, please reply to this entry and hopefully I can answer them.


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50 thoughts on “Malltail Guide: Shipping from US to S. Korea – Updated! (Kinda)

  1. Grace

    Thanks so much for the very helpful mailtail information! I’ve successfully registered 🙂
    Have u ever called the customer service? can they speak English?

    • Sorry for the late reply! You know, I have never called them but I did email them once, and they emailed me back in Korean AND English, and the English was just fine. They are really sweet people. I just wish their site was in English…

  2. Eunice

    I was just wondering how long it took for you to get the package after you paid for the shipping? I e-mailed them this question and never got a response.

    • After you pay, it takes about 2-3 days to get on the plane and then a day to get to Korea. Afterwards, customs takes another day or day and a half depending. And then after that, another day or two to deliver from your local delivery company to your address. I would say a week and a half to two at most. But never longer. Usually if I pay on Monday, I can get it by Saturday that week or Monday the next. I hope this helps! It sure as heck beats 3 weeks by US post.

  3. jackd

    You might need to update your screenshots they’ve altered it quite a bit

  4. Yaman

    Do u still plan to do an update about MALLTAIL? ^^

    • Hi there! Yes i do! In fact, I’m currently making it but the site keeps changing a bit and I’ve gotten a bit busy. I shall have it done soon! Sorry for the delay! ^^;;

  5. Thank you so much!!! Will try out

  6. Blessing

    Hi MK, I saw your post and was very excited because I have been looking for a way to get things to Korea with cheaper shipping rate,and thought I would give it a try, but the problem now is, I bought thing from amazon and have been trying to register the shipment with the Malltail, but amazon is not in the options to choose from, so am really stucked there. what do I do? I really need urgent reply to this. thanks.

    • Hey there Blessing, there’s no such thing as an Amazon option really. You have to enter all your info manually. It’s not included as one of the sites that direct loads onto their page. So give you manually give the order number, tracking #, site address (, and then product description along with shipping info at the bottom. let me know if you have more trouble after inputing everything.

  7. Blessing

    Hi MK Chadwick, I finally did it after minutes of call with the customer’s service with my poor Korean language skill. Thanks a lot for you response.

  8. Blessing

    Hi MK, Any idea of how much Malltail can ship 10kg parcel, mostly shoes to korea?

    • Hey Blessing,
      I’m going based on this site

      If you are sending about 10kg, so about 22lbs? from the US, then you would be paying:
      NJ- 63.50
      DE – 63.50 (shipping rate plus $1.00 extra for using the DE address)
      CA – 53.00
      DE(Germany) – Airmail 54.70, Seamail (not available for packages under 15kg)

      Now there are discounts depending on your membership level from 1-10%. Shipping rates from Europe are different. From Germany, you can do Airmail (lighter objects, quicker) or Sea Mail (slower, but MUCH cheaper for heavier things). Just an idea… Please do not quote me. And also remember there might be duty tax to pay if the price of the objects+shipping is over $200….

  9. Nancy

    thank you so much for the step-by-step tutorial! I was able to follow your instructions and made it through the end. So kind of you to go through all the effort!

    • Did you really? Oh, I’m so glad! My first success story! It makes me happy to hear such things. I never know how people end up in the end. Good job! =0)

  10. Hi MK. I’m just wondering how long it usually takes from the moment a shipment arrives at one of their overseas centers to the time they message you with the shipping costs. I ordered something from Germany on the 13th of January and it was delivered to their Frankfurt center on the Friday the 16th. It’s now the 22nd and I still haven’t heard anything from them. I tried emailing them but haven’t heard back yet.

    Is this a normal period of time to wait or should I try contacting them by phone?

    By the way, the tutorial is great! Very easy to follow.

    • Hi Mark!
      I apologize for the late reply! As you can tell, I haven’t posted much lately but hopefully that will be remedied soon.

      When you order from Malltail, shipping from the US takes roughly about 7-9 days exactly. Sometimes things get held up in Customs and then you have to contact Malltail about it. If you ever have a problem, just message malltail. They have people who speak English. As for Germany, I think it takes much longer than that since it’s not their usual shipping place. Whenever I order from China, it takes 3 weeks. But that’s also because they ship by boat so it takes a bit. So for Germany, I would wait 2 weeks and then check as to why it isn’t working. I hope this helps. I’m sure you’ve received it. Please let me know how things turned out as far as waiting times!! =O)

  11. Tamara

    Thank you so much for all your help with translation! So as I undertand it right I have to buy from Amazon first and then put all of the information on this shipping site. But in order to buy from Amazon I have to give them (Amazon) my address. Which address do I give them?

    • Hi there! I’m glad you are finding it helpful!!
      To answer your question, yes! Order from Amazon first. When Amazon asks for your address, give them your MALLTAIL US address (either the CA or NJ/DE one you the front page of malltail after you login at the top). Once you get the order number, you can enter the information exactly as it appears in the invoice from your email.
      Now, as to which address to give them, I would say give them CA by default. But double check which one would be cheaper through taxes. I think malltail said the CA address was usually cheaper. I’ll translate more of the page later. I’ll get there eventually! Good luck! Let me know if you have anymore questions.

      • Snash

        Thankyou so much for the great help.
        I have a question before placing my order.
        I have PAKISTANI PASSPORT. Am I also eligible.. as its not there in above mentioned countries?

      • Hi There!!
        I’m sorry for the late reply! I was trying to figure out if yours was possible and I wanted to be 100% sure so I ordered something and double checked the list. Yes! Pakistan is allowed in the passport country section. I will write a complete list of which countries are acceptable for all. I should’ve done it from the beginning but I figured I would target those I felt most would benefit but I didn’t realize who would you this site. =O) Thank you for the advice!

  12. Snash

    Thank you so much, I have just signed up but before placing my order, I want to know something.
    I have Pakistani Passport which is not mentioned above, can I still use this?

    • Yes! Your citizenship doesn’t matter. I just listed the most common I could think of but they offer over 100 different nationalities on their site. You’d have to look up the Korean equivalent of your country separately on Google. I think it would written as 파키스탄. Good luck!

  13. Kyungbin Yi


    Can I have my family member send things to Maill tail and have them deliver it to me in Korea? If so, how do I input the information for sales tax, company info etc? Thank you again for doing all this.

    • Kyungbin Yi

      And the order number, since there is no order number. I also won’t have a receipt either. Thank you.

    • Hello!
      It’s funny you should mention this because I had the very same question years ago. My dad works across from their NJ facility so we wondered the same thing. It turns out, Yes!
      Your family packs everything up and writes down the price of everything inside and sends a copy to you and gives a written copy to them. You have to register the box contents before your family gives it to them, just like a regular package. Once you register the package online (just make a note in the order number or site section like “family drop off” or something), they should deliver it addressed to your Malltail box number, the KU number thing. If they drop it off in person, just have them tell the KU box number. Not every package online has sales tax and all that so don’t worry about that. But if they mail it, have them tell you the price of shipping so you can write that down. They should know.
      So yes, in short, have family send you a package list including prices and total postage to your Malltail account. =O)

      • Kyungbin Yi

        Thank you so much for your reply. I signed up and now ready to order!! I have one more questions. If I order from two different merchangs and want them to ship it in the same box, how do I input my information?

        For example, for the tracking number purchase number, should I just list the two numbers that I get from the two different merchants?

        What do I do about the sales tax etc? Should I combine the sales tax for both items and list the total for the sales tax? Is the key to make sure that the total on the input page equals the total on both my packing slips?

        Thank you again for doing this. It is so helpful.

      • I’m glad I can help!
        Now, that is a bit harder. But not! What you will do is this. If you are ordering on Amazon from two different merchants, it’s considered one order. Just register it as such.
        Now, let’s say you are ordering from Target and then from Macy’s. You have to register each order separately. So you will have TWO different packages registered. Then, after everything is entered in, go to “My Page” section, and then the first column, under Registered packages, click the one with the two registered orders. It will take you to that page. Make sure that the address you are sending them to is the SAME (Not CA and NJ, but ONLY NJ or ONLY CA). It won’t work otherwise. And then, you are going to click a box that says “묶음” on the side of one of the packages. This means “Bundle” together. Now, It might take you to another page and have you pick which box you’d like to bundle it with. I don’t remember specifically because I’ve only done it once out of the 20 something times I’ve used it. And then once you do that, it should work. Remember, you can only bundle these packages together during the initial shipping period. Once one package arrives, you can’t bundle it with another one. So order at the same time, register separately (but at the same time) and then immediately 묶음. You have to pay an extra $2 or so to do this, but it’s worth it. I barely do this but I should. Instead, I just order $100 from a single retailer and do things that way. Happy shipping!

  14. Kyungbin Yi

    That’s great to know!! Where can I go on the site to know what they charge for packages? Is there a shipping rate somewhere?

  15. Amira

    can you please let us know what email did you use to contact them ?
    I tried to send to but it returned an error. I already made a purchase using their site thanks to the information you provided but I need their assistance in somthing and can’t find an email address 😦

    • Hello there! So on most Korean sites, you don’t write an email to the site. They won’t reply and they aren’t used for that purpose. Instead they use a program and database to filter through questions. They too have it. You will have to log in and look all the way at the bottom of the page for 1:1 문의하기 (1:1 consulting) (side note: that’s not what 문의하기 means but for understandings sake). Next you will see a bunch of options. These are problems that you are having, such as customs, inputting info, etc. I would say just pick one from the left, then click the blue button at the bottom. On the next screen, pick from the drop down menu where your product is being delivered(nj, ca, etc), then next to the empty input thing click the blue box to select the order you input that is in question. If there is none, pick the grey box. Then click the blue box at the bottom and fill in your problem and send it off. It usually takes a day or two to reply. I hope this helps!

  16. What are the options to pay the shipping fees? Is an international credit card ok (not from a Korean bank)?

    • Hello! I know I’m late to reply, but yes! International cards are welcome, as it charges you from an American Merchant. When it charges my Korean card, it is charged in dollars, not won. And so it is a bit confusing if it is really an international charge or not. The card I use doesn’t charge international fees so I am OK. Before I used this card, the other credit card (Korean) didn’t charge it either. But I would ask your financial provider what its rules are.

  17. Diisha

    Thanks again. There is an app now

    • Hello! Yes, there is an app- Malltail and Taillist. I don’t have time to translate those, even though they’re in Korean. Maybe one day they’ll make an English version of the site.

  18. Hi MK,

    You have done a fascinating job explaining the Malltail business model! I work at the Malltail US headquarters office in California. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    • Hi there! I’m so honored that you came and saw my blog! I hope I made you proud! I will try to update this entry when I can but I hope one day Malltail will offer English language support for us Expats. I’m always grateful for Malltail. Have a wonderful day!

  19. Erin

    I’m making an order for Halloween that includes some candy. But candy is the “exclusion list” does that mean I can’t ship candy? Worried my order won’t arrive.

    • Hi there! I have been doing more research into this and, apparently, you can ship candy and food over. Some foods are banned because of additives and what not, but I think things like Reese’s, M&Ms, and such are perfectly fine. Just no performance enhancing Snickers… Kidding… But I think you should be perfectly fine. Let me know how it turns out! Have a great day!

      • Erin

        It took a few days to pass through customs, but it was delivered today no problem… 28 lbs worth of eyeball gum and halloween candy. So happy.

      • 28 lbs?! Sweet god that sounds amazing! Yes, customs can take a few days at times, but I want to think they are like the parents, “checking” for poisoned candy. =0). Congrats!!

  20. JT

    Hi there, I came across this post and would like to try, however I am trying to buy a manual coffee grinder from the US which costs $180 (which is more than the $150 limit). Do you know if it is possible to buy items above $150? Thanks 🙂

    • You can buy certain things over $150. I think your product would be fine, as long as the price + shipping costs doesn’t go over $200. Many people forget shipping costs.

  21. Hi! How long does it normally take them to notify that they have received my order.
    As per ups tracking, the item is received on their warehouse 2 days ago. Current Status in my shipping application is still “배송대행신청”

    • Hi there! Sorry for the late reply!
      It depends on when the package arrived and the season it was sent. Based on your comment, it looks like it was near the Chuseok holiday. That took them over a week to send out orders due to being backed up. Usually, if the product arrived on a Friday, it will be entered in within a day. If it’s Saturday, you’ll have to wait until Monday. And depending on the number of orders, if there is a delay, Malltail announces on their main page (in Korean) that they are backed up or which day’s deliveries they are currently processing to show you how ahead/behind they are.

  22. Anto

    How do I track my package delivery? I have been looking everywhere on the site for the option to track my delivery. I am aware that the package is now in Incheon (Korea) but I would like to track it myself instead of always sending queries to customer service.

    • Once you login, it will give you your status page. You say your package is now in Incheon. Find the airplane icon and look at the 4 items below it. It is, in this order, “Arrived in Korea/Customs”, “Awaiting Duty Payment”, “Duty Payment Complete” “Completed Customs”. Click on the one that has a number next to it (provided you haven’t ordered more than one package at a time and it’s not in customs at the same time). When the page opens, the package listing should come up. Click the number all the way on the right. That should be the B/L number and give you it’s status (in Korean). But, you can just use the Malltail page to figure out if it’s passed customs yet or not. The next column after the airplane is the Domestic Shipping column. So, if your package is not in either of these two columns, it is not in Korea yet.

  23. Anto

    Thank you MK, but it seems as if something is wrong with my account because it shows 0 cases for all the options. But then I found a link to CJ Logistics and it showed where my package status reached Domestic Delivery as of yesterday.

  24. Anto

    I received my package a few minutes after posting that last comment. My sister sent the package from the US and because it was our first time using the service there was a lot of hick-ups and delay in the process. But good service. Thanks again.

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