Public Service Announcement – Cold Weather Measures


This is a reminder to all citizens of the Republic of Korea that it is now winter time. It is currently December 15th, with temperatures ranging from 5C to -5C. These temperatures will drop so do not be alarmed.

It has come to my attention that some of us have complained that it is cold. Temperatures floating around 0c will have this effect on people. To combat this, we have installed many many years ago heater/air conditioning units. There is one in every room to help keep the heat warm. This is the Western version of the Ondol 온돌 system you are so familiar with. You press a button and warm/hot air comes out of the vents to fill the room with warm air. Do not be alarmed. This will make you warmer. There have been words spreading around that it will make your face dry and so it must be turned off. We do have preventative measures for that as well and it is called facial lotion. There is also a product called Facial mist, which has a similar moisturizing effect that it gives to the skin. I have heard from some that these are not good for your skin. This is rubbish. If these products were not good for your skin, they would not be at home, next to the Face Essence and Face Serum bottles on your dresser as well as in your purse. They would not manufacture these products and many cosmetic companies would be out of business. The same routine applies in the Winter as it does in the Summer. No exceptions.

And also,if, for some reason, you become too warm, please turn off this unit rather than opening a window with it running. Also, try the removing one article of clothing method before you turn off the air conditioner. Some people are more sensitive to the heat than you. It will not help you by opening the window. Yes, air does become stale. A window may be cracked once a day for periodic refreshing. However, wide open windows will not help you any more than a cracked window. The old saying holds true, “Close the damn window/door, I don’t have enough money to warm the whole friggin’ town!”

Thank you and have a good (and warm) day.

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