The First Snow

In Korea, the first snow is considered a romantic day. On this day, couples all over Korea meet up as soon as they are available to enjoy a kiss in the snow. As well as have a date since it’s a romantic setting for one. How sweet!

Yesterday, the 9th was the first snow of the season in Seoul, but it was a bit pathetic. Just flurries. Nothing crazy. It ended after 2 or 3 hours of light flurries but it was still enough to jam up the internet and texting services for a bit.

I was too busy yesterday to meet anyone for it, even if I wanted to. I just felt so exhausted so with what little time I had, I slept and ate dinner.These days I’ve been so busy, I end up skipping lunch or dinner or sometimes breakfast. I do eat, just not every meal, which isn’t good. To be healthy and lose weight, one needs to eat 4-5 small meals a day.  I think I should start preparing my meals for the next day, though its just so difficult.

But I just have to keep looking towards something positive, like snow. * * *

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