I know I haven…

I know I haven’t posted much recently but there really isn’t too much to update about.

Last night I went out with Sue and Serin-sensei to Hongdae for a little girls night and it was really nice. It was nice just to relax, have a drink, dress up pretty, and talk girl talk. And not talk about students. It was really nice. I hope to do it again soon. And maybe even go clubbing for an hour (especially since I’m not a big clubbing person, but just like the music). We went to a nice little bar called Uber, which wasn’t bad. I wish the drinks were cheaper but what can you do. I’m used to Soju and Cola, which only costs 3,000won for a whole bottle of each. The bartender/workers weren’t bad and kept coming over to our table to check on us. I’m hoping it was due to my dress. It did show a bit of cleavage. I will try again next time. 

Today wasn’t anything special. Just dinner again with Sue. And while I’m here, doing work for classes tomorrow, I’m watching this documentary on a 굴농장 or an oyster farm. All these ajummas, or old ladies get up at like, 2am and get to the farm around 3 or 4 for shucking. They are all around the age of 50 or 60 and do it for their kids or some spending money for themselves. Some even do it not for the money, but because they are bored at home and it gives them something to do. And the best part to this is there’s an old woman, she’s 84, who works outside mashing up piles and piles of the shells and rocks by herself. We check on her later in the documentary and the camera woman sees her taking shots of alcohol. And they question the old woman, “Grandmother, what kind of alcohol are you drinking?” and she just laughs. And she says she drinks it to keep going since it’s hard work. The camera woman tells her she has pink cheeks from it and the old woman just laughs again and just says “But I’m already so red!” And it’s just the easy-goingness of this old woman that makes me want to be like her when I get to that age. I can see myself working until 85. I just hope I’m just as happy as she is at that age. And still able to drink a little bit to keep me going. Eh, just kidding, I don’t need the alcohol, just something to keep me going.

Well, this is a short week. I get two days off, Tuesday and Wednesday. I hope I can take advantage of them and get a lot done. And I hope tomorrow is an easy day as a result. I have no motivation for tomorrow since it’s the last day of classes for the month. I hope they don’t want to review and just want to go get lunch. Hmmm… Sounds good to me!

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