So, this weekend I decided I would take the opportunity to visit my high school friend in Busan. She is Korean and she is from there so I was able to stay with her and her lovely parents. It was really nice but also very tiring. I don’t think I have eaten this much food continuously in such a long time. I actually feel sick from all the food I have consumed. My friend is a beast at eating but so skinny. Im very jealous. I swear, every 3 hours we were eating. So crazy.
For Saturdays dinner, we were able to get a spot at the really nice restaurant called 더 파티. If you can ever go, do it. Its very nice. REALLY nice. And if you like seafood, its amazing. This place is a buffet so its all you can eat. Just go. I felt bad because I was still stuffed from lunch so I couldnt eat a lot for dinner. How annoying is that? My sister would be so ashamed of me.
I also went to the worlds largest department store, Shinsegae Centum City. Its pretty sweet. Its basically a giant mall in a department store. Theres an an ice rink, I think an amusement park, movie theater, spaland, and so much more. I didnt see all of it. I couldnt, there wasnt enough time.
I got to see and go on 해운대 which was nice. I love the beach and it was warm until night time. And then it became pretty cold and windy. But it was still very nice.
It was such a nice change from my usual weekends of sitting at home and watching tv. And her parents were so nice. Her mother really reminded me of my mother. She has that same look in her eyes. Its really funny. Kinda looks like her too. I dont know how but its just the feeling. But it was nice regardless. I hope I can go back again. It was very nice. Except when she got after me a bit about my picky eating. That is one thing I really hate about meeting people. I wish I was a better eater. Im trying but if you ask any picky eater, they will tell you that they cant help it. If only we could. But her parents were very good about it. I just wish I could watch TV on this stupid train ride but there is no signal. Ugh! Nap time it is then.

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