Mind Control

Do you ever get those moments where you suddenly think of a person, one you haven’t heard from in a while, and you wonder what they’re doing? So then you think about messaging them but you’re not sure what to say?

I had that happen twice over the past two days. But especially from one guy. I was thinking about maybe asking them to dinner one time this month since I have a night off. But its a few weeks away and Koreans here aren’t the best at planning more than two days in advance. So, I decided not to message him. And then he messages me, albeit very casually but something is better than nothing. I will ask him to dinner maybe next week. Hopefully he will accept. I have a strange feeling about this guy. I don’t know why. But that kinda scares me since last time that happened, nothing good happened. I just don’t want the same thing happening again. But I really hope this turns out to be something good. Or maybe even nothing at all. I will take both. But I hope for the first.
You know, it’s these things that make me think there is something out there. That we are all connected to each other somehow. That if think hard enough, someone will answer. This month is seeming like a more fortunate month. More sleep, thus more happiness, thus more fun, more fortune, and better relations with friends. And for that, I’m very thankful.

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