I’ve wanted to…

I’ve wanted to update for a while. A real update, but alas, I slightly forgot what happened last week. Ahh, now I remember! So, Tuesday, Emi got me to go to Namsan Tower with her to take pictures of the maple trees. And as tiring as it was, it was nice to go out and talk to her. I really am so grateful that she is here. I’d be lost without her. We kept trying to find the lock I put there with the other Americans while we were at Ewha 3 years ago but I couldn’t find it. I’m kinda sad that I don’t remember where it was or what it looked like. I just remember putting a sticker picture on there of us. Also at Namsan, the street cleaning men swept the fallen leaves to look like hearts. I will show a picture of that later. It’s on my real camera and I haven’t had a chance to upload those pictures yet.

On Wednesday, I met up with Naomi, whom I haven’t seen since Ewha. She has gotten prettier. Her Korean is better than mine, writing and reading wise, test wise, but I think I’m better at speaking. Which makes me a lot happier since it shows I’ve progressed a little bit. Even if I fail every Korean test I take. I’m just not a test taker. That’s all. But we walked around YDP for a while and hung out. And it’s funny, I’ve never been given a survey so far in Korea this time around. But when Naomi visited, I got a survey. It was hilarious. And I love when they talk to her in Korean (She’s Japanese, btw), thinking I don’t understand them but the interview is in English. Sometimes they are good about asking about interviews, sometimes they just act a bit too silly. But anyway, it was really nice to see Naomi again.

Saturday, I hung out with Jae, and it was really nice. I always enjoy hanging out with him. Except when I find out he has a girlfriend and has had her for over a month, after he broke up with his last girlfriend two months ago. I admit, I’m a tad jealous. I wonder what makes her so special. What makes her so different from other girls. From me. Makes me wonder what I’m lacking. What do I need to improve upon? That’s my jealousy.

And then Sunday, I met up with EK and her niece and nephew, both of whom are very sweet. The niece knows some English so it’s nice. The nephew doesn’t really know any so he felt a bit awkward but it was fine. We had a meat buffet, which was nice. I love meat buffets! And then coffee, which was mighty fine. I highly recommend Holly’s regular Hot Chocolate. It’s the best in Korea. Especially since I don’t drink coffee, it’s great. The perfect sweetness. And afterwards it was Noraebang, which I realized they are not the mic hogs. There are two kinds of people who go to the noraebang. One’s who complete a song because they love singing, and those who sing a verse or two just to try the song and mess around. They were the later. But I didn’t mind at all.

And this week was fairly boring so far. I had dance class yesterday and cried. Half was due to frustration, half was due to Aunt Flo at her crowning glory, so I felt like an idiot at class. I’m usually good with taking moves that I can’t do. But it was just everything. I felt like a failure. Monday definitely wasn’t my good day. And today was my lazy day at home, hanging out on the computer or TV. Thus, my eyes hurt like hell. Which means I should stop typing and go to bed. Therefore, I will. Good night!

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