Pepero Day

My Pepero Stash

Well, In Korea, on Nov. 11th, they celebrate a holiday called Pepero Day. Many Americans might know of Japanese Pocky, but this is the Korean version. It’s the same thing though. They celebrate it since it resembles Pepero in shape. Honestly, I think, Nov. 11th more closely resembles Twix, a lot better, more filling candy than Pepero. But, I’m not running Korea yet so I will just have to wait. It’s also Remembrance Day or Veteran’s Day in many other countries, yes yes. I must say, I’m not very patriotic, and I didn’t realize it was a big holiday until my boss and coworker reminded me of the holiday and got annoyed at me for not being very passionate about the holiday. I know I’ve had family in the service, my family and area was just not very big on this holiday so I can’t say much. But I will respect it since others do. Anyway, I wanted to just post my stash while I’m here. Tonight is just a quiet night at home it seems so I will try to revel in it. But it’s almost 10 and I’m already tired. Wow, I’m an old woman because of this job. I need to fix this somehow.

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