A month of more sleep?

Thanks to the fairness and niceness of my boss, I get Saturdays off this month! Hooray! Two days off a week for the week! I’m happy to have that opportunity, though in the past, good things never happened on the months that I had Saturdays off. Eventful things happened, but not good things. I hope this month will be different.

So I noticed something that I found kinda odd. So, I live in Korea’s largest city, Seoul. And everyone keeps saying the city’s motto is “빨리 빨리” (Bballi, bballi), which means, quickly quickly. It means do it quickly. They do everything quickly. At least, that’s the implication. And they do some things quickly. Like food. And repairs. But not too much other than that. They stay late at work almost everyday, but really, they don’t do too much at work. They just play games on their computers until their boss leaves or go on smoke breaks often (I’ve heard these confessions from my students, who work in these large corporations and businesses). Though, this is just stating how productive they are at work. But, they take a long route to process simple documents that can be done quite simply.

But, anyway, I come from New Jersey and have spent a bunch of time in New York City and Philadelphia. If you’ve been to New York, you know how New Yorkers walk. They will mow you down. If you are a little bit too slow, they will blow past you. They are on a mission. They have a destination in mind. At least, they all look like it. Actually, I’m kinda a slow walker. So sometimes in New York I’m too slow, or sometimes I’m up to speed. But I swear, in Korea, everyone acts lost. It seems as if NO ONE moves with a sort of purpose. I constantly have to get up right behind someone to urge them to move (though Koreans are used to being so close to others so it doesn’t mean anything to them, but to an American it definitely would), I push past people, etc etc. They all seem to be texting on their phones, looking around like a lost child, or just moving slowly in general. I don’t understand it. Why would they be so slow? If a slow walker like me is passing them, then this is pathetic. So weird. Makes me wish I was home sometimes.

Well, let’s hope I can enjoy my weekends this month. Except it has already started to stink since I had plans with someone and they won’t message me back. I even cancelled more definite plans to go out with this other friend and they ditch me. The phrase “Actions speak louder than words” really is true here. Don’t believe anything until you can see it materialize. Unfortunately, that’s what I’ve learned here.

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