Mail Order Husband

So, it’s been a quiet few days. Nothing exciting to report about. Well, actually, half of that is true. I found something exciting (for foreigners living in Korea who enjoys US shopping) to report about.

I have found a way to get a mail order groom, or just clothing and cosmetics, sent to me here in Korea. It’s called Malltail. Unfortunately, the site is in Korean so you will need the help of a Korean. But if you are fluent in Korean, congratulations! You are free to shop.

From what it seems, you register to the site, then you go shopping on your US site of choice. After ordering the item and entering the address they give you, log into the mail forwarding site, you put in the tracking number and then pay for it. Something along those lines. I have yet to use it but my students use it to order from the US. I will definitely need to try this to order some good, long lasting shoes, some clothes, and anything else I can get my hands on.

In other news, there isn’t a whole lot new. Mondy was Halloween but it never felt like it. I didn’t get a chance to go out due to lack of costume and those to go out with. So I enjoyed a quiet evening at home. The next day was lunch with my coworker and then off to see an orchestra at the 성남아트센터, which is in 분당, so around an hour and 20 minutes from me. And I’m stoked, even if I’m there by myself. And it was best that I was by myself because after looking at the ticket all week, when I looked at it this past Sunday, the 30th, it said the concert was for the 23rd, the day of my Korean test. Oh, so stupid and blonde(yes, I am). I was so upset, I cried. Just so frustrated with my luck. I have really good and bad luck. It’s odd. But, Sunday was a really unlucky day. And all my friends in that area were busy so I had to go back since I wasn’t near too much of interest. So angry. At least I got to meet up with a friend from home, E.K.,  whom I haven’t seen in 2 years or so so that was nice. I feel bad since I was so short with her over the phone due to being so angry.
But E.K. was very kind. I hope I can meet up with her very soon.

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