Public Service Announcement 4

Attention Department Store Staff!

Recently, while inspecting the make-up and fashion accessories floor of our dept. store, I noticed something rather peculiar. Now, as staff of the beauty floor, with access to free samples of make-up before, during, and after your shift, I expect all these employees to be well groomed and have themselves done up tastefully. Now, it was among most of those women that I noticed a woman of many moons to be trying to have her make-up done well but upon closer inspection, I noticed her pretty white face contrasted sharply with her dark yellow neck, hands, etc. Is the floor out of a dark shade in foundation? If so, please tell thr purchasing dept. so more may be ordered. Otherwise, please get new contacts for yourself or whoever did your make-up for you. Unless they are color blind, but that is beside the case. This goes for suggesting foundation shades to customers as well. If the shade is clearly three shades too light, please do not suggest it nor sell it. It is similar to buying clothing 3 sizes too big. It simply doesn’t work. They will only look like a clown standing outside the store and get many stares from confused foreigners about a lost memo of a missing circus member. So please, remember to be tactful when playing with the make-up. Thank you for your time.

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