Korean Proficiency Tests

So, here I am on my way to take one of thr many Korean Proficiency Tests they offer in Korea. There are three major ones, The KLPT, ToPiK, and then the KBS National Test, the last being the most difficult since tgat is designed for Korean nationals to enter major broadcasting jobs and such.
I’m on my way to take the first one at 건대 and I’m just so tired of taking these tests. I mean, this is the 6th proficiency test I’ve taken, though once I didnt go since I was just so exhausted. I haven’t studied so I’m not going to cry or complain about failing. I also didnt study for thr others so I’m not complaining about thrm either. Now I know you’re probably thinking, why not just study for the damn tests and bite the bullet. Yes yes, I should, though I was never a good student who studied hard. I dont mind homework and I usually learn the most from class than I do with self-study. I have been trying to find Topik prep classes though they usually don’t match my schedule. I’m hoping with the other Japanese teachers at my institute that we can maybe form a study group to study Korean together on an afternoon or weekend since our schedules are the same. That would be nice.
I think some of the people in the train car here are cramming for the exam. I should probably do that but I feel like it will be very useless to try now. I just hope this test is easier than the Topik. They say it is but I’m not sure. Levels of difficulty are always relative. Good luck!

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