Public Service Announcement 3

Attention all pedestrians!

To improve the flow of traffic on streets, walkways, shopping centers, we have come up with a few tips to better serve you.

1. When walking, please do not suddenly stop in the middle of the walkway or sidewalk and talk to your friend or decide if you want to stop at that shop. Sudden stops cause accidents. Please pullover to the side and figure out your future actions from here. You are only causing unneccessary traffic.

2. If one will notice, most will see two doors per doorframe. This is because one side is for entering, and one is for exiting. We also have installed multiple doorways with these same two-door feature. While you may find your body frame to be small, two people cannot fit through a frame at one time. Waiting for an opportunity to go through that one side is only creating a backup. Please raise your hands and push the closed door open to increase space for walking. You do not have to wait. Unless the door is fixed, then please disregard this memo. Otherwise, please refrain from two-way flow through a one-way door.

3. Your country has finally realized the error in its ways from the Japanese and have started government programs to educate people on the International Flow of Foot traffic Or 우측보행, meaning be polite, stay to the right. The entire world follows this walking etiquette yet somehow you manage to ignore all signs, which are pretty hard to ignore since they are everywhere. And we mean everywhere. Please follow this flow of traffic. No one understands which side to walk on by continuing your ridiculousness and you are only creating more traffic. Stop it. Now.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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