An Unexpected Mint

So, yesterday was just a really long and tiring day. Lots of work on and off during the day. Then in the afternoon, I have to go to the District Police Station and the Immigration office to.extend my visa.

Police stations make me feel uncomfortable. Even though I didn’t do anything wrong, I still feel as if I’m guilty of something. Guilty conscience much? So fingerprinting was done and took forever with mediocre results. My fingers are really bad at fingerprinting so lets hope that the FBI accepts some part of my prints. So now I’m nervous about that. Anyway, while walking outside, I notice a cute guy at information looking a little lost. I wish I could have helped him. So, as I stand outside waiting for my General Affairs Manager, Mr. Bear, the cute guy comes outside too. And he rustles in his pocket then says “Here”, handing me a mint. I bashfully accept it and he says i’m welcome with a shy kind of smile. And after that I really wanted to ask for him number. Is it wrong of me to jump to that conclusion? But then Mr. Bear wanders out and tells me to come on. I never wanted to leave that guy. And thus, my dream of him speaking to me further is crushed. And Bear doesnt make it better by saying it was given in an act of trying not to offend another culture. I like my idea of him hitting on me more.

Well, after that was a long wait at Immigration, which proved to be annoying but semi successful. Though I’m angered that my last General Affairs Manager lost my copy and Apostille of my diploma so that has to be done, though I’m not paying for it, which is a blessing. I’m just annoyed at the ridiculousness that is Korean bureacracy. It kills me.

So not only do I have my FBI check to worry about, I have my diploma too. Boo on this. But at least I have a mint to make me believe that there is some good things. That there is some light in times of great chaos. And what a relief it is.

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