Silly Stories

There once was a girl named Bob but everyone called her Daisy.

She liked being called bob but everyone got her confused with her brother Janet so she just kept the nickname Daisy.

One day Bob/Daisy went to the local taxidermist.

She was looking for a new wall piece for her bedroom.

While looking over a pile of stuffed raccoons, in one the raccoons glass eyes, she saw the reflection of a handsome man.

She looked up and saw Jacklyn, a muscular, dark-haired stallion, who sometimes goes by the name of mark. Why mark you ask? He has a birthmark of the Indonesian islands on his inner thigh.

“May I help you?” He asks bob, in a sexy, squeaky voice. “I’m looking for a medium-sized piece for my apartment. Any suggestions?”  she replies in a low, husky voice.

He smiles and curls his finger. “This way.” He leads her to the back room where there are a bunch of modern art pieces of stuffed animals nailed to a plywood board with ribbon, sparkles, cut-out stars with the words “You’re #1!” and glitter all over.


Just a random piece I started writing for Emily. Maybe Lizzy and I will write and illustrate a book of Fables for adults. What do you think? If I get bored, perhaps I’ll start writing stories to entertain myself. Maybe it can get me out of teaching. Oh, I can dream.

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One thought on “Silly Stories

  1. Emily

    oh MK, I love your story!

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