Flowers make the day brighter

So this weekend, I was really looking forward to just getting out and doing something. I’m so tired of being stuck in my apartment, AKA my prison cell. So I contacted almost everyone I knew, and they are all busy or not responding. Like always. So, I was stuck in my apartment all weekend. Last night I attempted to cook myself Chicken Curry Rice and it was the most disgusting thing I’ve created yet. Thoroughly disgusted by it, I am forced to move it to the trash. Food wasted, which makes me sad. First time I’ve made food in a while. I need to make myself some pasta. So much simpler to make.

So after getting really angry at the fact that my friends have abandoned me (I’ll post a blog entry about this anger later), I somehow worked up the courage to go by myself to D Cube City and get some Taco Bell as well as some Oreo O’s for breakfast in the morning. I grab that as well as some bread. I like this one bakery there because their products are very western in the fact that they don’t use much sugar in their cooking. You’ll notice Korean bakeries have ruined bread. But this place, Artisee’, has seemingly realized what bread is. They even have Ciabatta Baguettes! Well, it doesn’t taste much like Ciabatta, more like a French Baguette, but I don’t complain. It’s good. And their garlic bread doesn’t have sugar on it either so I’m even more happy. And when I grilled the worker on if their croissant’s had a sugar glaze (like most croissants in Korea) and luckily, he said it was egg. I just hope it is for his sake.

Afterwards, on my way out, I noticed the flower shop having a sale next to the bakery shop. I needed a pick-me-up so I went and there was a nice worker, named James, who was really happy to meet me. Especially since I knew Korean and was from the US. Very nice man. After leaving that shop, I  instantly felt better, oddly enough. So here I have displayed my lovely findings for you to enjoy. I also bought some flowers for my classroom so hopefully the students appreciate my babies. I need something to make my room pretty. I’ll put that up later. I just hope my day tomorrow is good. I need a good day.

In other news, I was on the front page of the English version of the Korea Herald, thanks to my good friend Woo Young. Why not check it out? Errand Services in Korea But I must say, I hate the picture. Boo. But, it’s one step in a direction. Not sure which direction, but in a direction.

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