Common Courtesy

So after being in Korea fot a while, I have come to realize how important common courtesy and manners really are to me. I have noticed a few things:
1. Koreans enjoy the idea of lip service. Phrases such as “I’ll call you later!” “Lets get lunch sometime.” “I’ll help you with that, just ask.” etc. mean nothing really. I try calling someone to have someone to talk to or for grammar help and they stop taking my calls.
2. Even friends will use you for things. My friends don’t message me much here. And I mean my Korean friends. But when they do, it always is because of English help. Teach me this, check that, does this sound right, and so on. I miss the conversations of them asking what I’m up to or how my day was. If they are going to ask for something from me, at least work your way into it first. Be kind.
3. Working for an institute that focuses mainly on English, you would expect the teachers to speak more English. I mean the German dept. at my University did. And they were mostly American staff. But here, I rarely hear it from the other teachers. The Korean teachers, I mean. And some Korean teachers don’t even greet the native teachers, or at least in English. Its like we are invisible. That seems a little dumb to me. You teach English, but you ignore the people who speak that language natively. Where is the sense in that? If I worked at a school in that taught French in the U.S. and we all knew French, I would speak French. Thats my job. My Spanish and Italian teachers would speak to each other in their respective languages. But I cant change the world.

On an unrelated note, my school was asked to write a piece for the company newsletter and they completely took out my contribution to it. I’m quite angry about this. They even have someone who doesnt work here anymore but they omit my piece. I feel slighted by this somehow. And add this to the fact that my paperwork here for my criminal background check is all messed up, I’m slightly peeved. I hope I dont get deported due to it. I dont want to go back yet. Though sometimes I wonder if I really belong here all the time. Maybe its the cloudy day affecting my mood. I will continue thoughts about this after breakfast…

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